03 concorde camshaft paper spacer

you a headache later. Crawl from the driver's side of what stores sell a4 paper the car. One raised segment will have larger lowered segments on chimmny made out of paper either side usually timed with TDC of the 1st cylinder. Answer: It is the little plastic piece thing where 2 or 3 wires go into it and its on the right side and front corner of the valve cover, kind of on the side. It also may not start or could shudderand backfire. Hi there, Save hours of searching online or wasting money on unnecessary repairs by talking to a 6YA Expert who can help you resolve this issue over the phone in a minute or two. Now, remove the retaining bolt and pull the sensor off the engine. Be sure the keyway in the camshaft remains inplace while re-installing the cam gear, and lock tite the cam gear nut. In addition, the cam position sensor fault seems to be commonly caused because of frayed or otherwise faulty wiring from the sensor to its' connection into the wiring harness. The cam sensor is located behind the camshaft gear. Package Contents 1 Camshaft Position Sensor. There is an o-ring that makes it snap down in and if you pull too hard it will break apart (not good) - then you put the new one down in and put the bolt back in and reconnect the wires. You have to purchase a special socket that has a slot in it to remove the o2 sensors. It goes through the timing cover just above the serpentine belt.

A faulty cam position sensor is not very common by what I have read. LL GET back TO YOU, a highpitched whine after the engine is running calls for adding fulllength shims one at a time but no more than four until the whine disappears. Iapos, it is held paper in with a 13mm head bolt. Then you spray some PB blaster on the sensor and what about 10 minutes. Now for the fixit suggestions, september 18th 3, it is under the front of the passenger side head. ON, my first thought would be that the timing chain is not installed correctly.

03, chrysler, concorde.5 HO Sets code for cam sensor.I replaced with auto zone cam sensor.

03 concorde camshaft paper spacer

Stalls frequently, unplug cause of repeated heat on the paper plastic. ConnectorTerminal Configuration Two Cavity Male, the computer will automatically search and adjust the engine paper timing if the timing alignment is correct from the timing belt marks. Please re ask question about a specific sensor. If you only replaced the camshaft position sensor you may need to replace the crankshaft position sensor which is located at the top where the engine and transmission connect. Itapos, s on the left rear cylinder head just below the valve cover.

Look at were the valve cover meets the head and it will be right below that line.It was even suggested that a oil change may do the trick after running some engine flush thru your old oil before changing.

Wrap the heater core and/or evaporator with foam tape and place in position.

Ran but same as before sensor change.
Pulled sensor back off.
If installing a new sensor, confirm that the paper spacer is attached to the face (.

Nov 28, 2009 The purpose of the paper spacer is to obtain the proper clearance between the sensor and the camshaft sprocket when the sensor is installed.
It usually is taken off by the sprocket as soon as the engine starts.

I have an 04 Chrysler, concorde, lXI.5 L and I need to replace a camshaft position sensor (bank 1).
Chrysler, concorde lxi:.5.
So be certain that the paper spacer is in place.