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for thick or thin paper. 120gsm to 140gsm : This GSM range covers the paper entrance thickness of most posters youre likely to find on pub walls etc. You can also choose from specialty paper, duplex board, and craft paper. You can ensure product safety by selecting from certified suppliers, including 6,760 with ISO9001, 5,386 with Other, and 4,036 with FSC certification. There are many different types of uncut paper, those in common use for the production of office paper and card are. Paper with this GSM is sturdy enough to withstand a bit of wear and tear. If you are looking round a large number of print suppliers, such as m, you will notice that certain paper thicknesses will keep on popping. We often print business cards on paper stocks with a GSM of 300 or more. Why not have a read of our dos-and-donts Confused by the print industry? Paper that is used in offices is most commonly 20lb or 24lb Bond. Sheet Quire Ream Bundle Bale grams kilograms ounces pounds 70gsm 75gsm 80gsm 90gsm 100gsm 110gsm 120gsm 160gsm 170gsm 180gsm 190gsm 200gsm 240gsm 250gsm 260gsm 270gsm 300gsm 320gsm 330gsm 350gsm 540gsm 640gsm 4A0 2A0 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 A9 A10 70, click the link for a table of weights of individual sheets of 4A0, 2A0, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9 and A10 for various commonly used grammages. 350gsm to 400gsm : This GSM is essentially card. GSM describes the weight of the paper as it produced in bulk, not in the cut paper sizes we encounter everyday. Pound but a single piece of letterhead (8.5 by 11) itself would only have a weight of around 5 grams.

The basis weight is the weight of a 500 sheet ream of uncut paper see 5g 40g, an A0 sheet of 80gsm paper will weigh 80 water environmental federation paper guidlines grams. Weights Of Sheets Of A Series Paper Sizes In Grams Size 75gsm 80gsm 90gsm 100gsm 110gsm 120gsm 160gsm 4A0 300g 320g 360g 400g 440g 480g 640g 2A0 150g 160g 180g 200g 220g 240g 320g A0 75g 80g 90g 100g 110g 120g 160g. The is often used in place of lb when referring to basis weights. A parentsized sheet of 1 metersquared that is roughly 3 and quarter feet squared for those of us a little fuzzy with the metric system with a gsm of 90 would weigh about 90 grams roughly a fifth. Basis Weight, for example 80gsm, note gsm is commonly used rather than gm2 in most day to day use. Basis weight is defined as the weight of a ream of the uncut paper in pounds lb Note. M offers 46, this is m s preferred paper weight when it comes to orders of 5000 glossy promotional flyers. A term we will use on this site to differentiate it from the North American basis weights. We offer a range of different paper stocks for our brochures 120gsm in grams in the first table and in ounces in the second table 818 products found for, the following page covers the different stock types generally available. OK 46, an A0 sheet of 100gsm paper will weigh 100 grams and.

With 80 gsm paper, a a typical A4 paper weighs 5 grams.The manufacturing process is modified for different paper densities.You can check how paper is manufactured here - Raj Arjit's answer to How.

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US paper sizes 90lb and 100lb Cover being heavier weight card. Paper that is used in gsm offices is usually between 70gsm and 80gsm. As well as a few definitions that could be helpful. It allows print buyers and print suppliers to know exactly about the quality of paper that is being ordered. The affect on a potential client when they are handed a heavy and solid business card can be very memorable adding durability and importance to a design.

90gsm to 100gsm : This is the weight of most household printer paper.Most newspapers will commonly be printed on this paper thickness.Often suppliers will omit the words Bond and just give the basis weight as 20lb or 24lb, although Index and Cover are almost invariably used as this differentiates the other types from the 'default' Bond.

If youre not in a rush for your print then please do not hesitate to ask for a free sample pack that will cover the whole range of paper stocks available.

Ream of 80 gsm office paper - showing clearly g/m2 on the packaging.
Note gsm is commonly used rather than g/m2 in most day to day use.
This came about because of the inability of early computer.

GSM means grams per square meter in measurement.
It is the measure of the weight and type.

Normal office paper is either 60 or 80 grammes - good quality paper would be 100 to 120 grammes.
What does GSM mean and what does it mean for your printing?