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speed accession. As for Medvedev's brazen missile threats, Europeans seemed more confused than scared. On foreign relations, Medvedev has been mindful to avoid appearing weaker than Putin. In speech after speech, to audiences at home and abroad, he has talked forcefully of putting an end to Russia's culture of corruption; diversifying Russia's economy beyond the oil and gas industry; integrating Russia into the world economy; instituting the rule of law; and guaranteeing. But at least he appears to genuinely believe that "freedom is better than nonfreedom and he is trying harder than perhaps any previous Russian leader to integrate the nation into the world economy and bring an end to what he has called the "legal nihilism". We see the rising power of Brazil, China, India, the EU and, obviously, Russia.". Putin talked of a "multipolar world." But it was on Medvedev's watch that Russia took international law into its own hands as Russian tanks went rolling into South Ossetia and Abkhazia. So even as he pushed a bill through Parliament that would extend the presidential term from four to six years-potentially allowing Putin to come back as president for 12 more years-he has also promised to revive Russia's moribund parliamentary democracy by mandating a regular, elected. Missile shields and radar bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. There is evidence that the West is starting to understand just how empty some of Medvedev's bluster. Just what exactly does Dmitry Medvedev want? Medvedev, a lawyer reared in glasnost-era liberal. More substantively, Medvedev is also sending a resoundingly colored liberal message on the economy, local democracy and free speech-not because it's popular, but because he believes that to keep Russia functioning, it needs firm political control at the very top and something approaching an open society. The Moscow Stock Exchange's habit of closing down when the indexes start to tumble, sometimes for days at a time, hardly reassures investors. Putin used the language of democracy and liberalism when it suited-drawing, for instance, moral equivalencies between.S. According to an analysis by Pierre Noël at the European Council on Foreign Relations, Russia's share of the EU's gas imports have roughly halved since 1980, to 40 percent, as Europe diversifies its gas supplies to liquefied natural gas from Algeria and Nigeria. Still, for all the big talk, it's far from clear if any of Medvedev's grand strategic goals can be achieved. Six months into his tenure at the Kremlin, the Russian president's signals are so mixed, he has Western policymakers and diplomats baffled. In the aftermath of the war, Medvedev went a step further, suggesting that the ground rules of international diplomacy should be shifted to recognize Russia's "privileged interests" in countries where nato's interference was definitely not welcome. He wants to build a new security bloc and a gas cartel, and transform Moscow into a financial hub. Other goals include transforming Moscow into a world financial center, and creating a new opec-style gas producers' cartel, with Russia, the world's largest gas producer, as a leading member. On foreign policy, with oil prices down two thirds from their high, Medvedev is now in a peculiar position: the ambitions with which he began his presidency no longer match the reality of Russia's increasingly precarious position. Even the regular opec has been unable to keep oil prices from collapsing, and the nature of gas contracts, often signed for decades in advance, makes it far harder to manipulate prices.

You can filter your feed, in short, the Medvedev doctrine amounts to an ambitious nation paper nigeria plan for fixing Russiaapos. By exploiting European concerns that missile defense will only provoke Russia. S broken society at home and restoring Russiaapos. A loose body of Asian states that includes Russia and China. Has adopted a more open and modern style. S Would make Russia more truly powerful than any amount of macho missile threats. Science Space, and a constructive new relationship with the West. Petersburg, and he envisions rebalancing global diplomacy by building up the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. S influence in Europe with Russiaapos, surprisingly liberal at home," Is to replace at least some of Americaapos. The upshot is that over the last several months.

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Quot;" with Iran and Qatar to fix prices and coordinate supply could. At an EU finance conference in Évian. S economyfixing prices, nation paper nigeria s 150 billion stabilization fund and defended.

Russian gas now represents just.5 percent of the EU's primary energy supply-and that share is declining as well.Medvedev has little chance of reforming the world in the Kremlin's image-and few pieces of his doctrine are likely to survive Russia's economic downturn.But the Iskander was used in the Georgian war and found to be inaccurate, notes independent military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer-and, in any event, wouldn't be effective against the missiles that would be used in the Bush administration's proposed missile-defense system (itself to protect against Iran.

The World Bank estimates the ruble will fall another 15 percent in 2009.

Nigeria, IMF Working, paper 03/139.
18 out of 20 crew members of detained Russian cargo plane.
Key points of Vladimir Putin s annual state of the nation address.

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In the same paper, Hubbert predicts world peak oil in half a century after his publication, which would be 2006.

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