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economical escape from the high cost of living back home, a million dollar custom beach home, or something right in the middle, Manta Ecuador has something for you. Other new projects currently being brought to the area include a new cruise port terminal, expanded shipping port, new private hospitals, highways, and more. But if you want to eat truly local, you have to try encebollado, a brothy soup made with fresh tuna caught just off shore in Manta. Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro). The quake was followed by a series of strong aftershocks. No problem, just hop on a quick flight and you are there! Malecon Escenico, Manta, siguifredoagapito /Wikicommons. While fishing in these mild waters can take place year round, June through December offers the best opportunities for bites. There is also a growing number of high quality dental services available to residents danette wollersheim phd reviews missoula mt of Manta at incredibly low prices. It is best known for having one of the largest Ecuadorian collections of the seats of power of the Manteño culture, stone chairs carved in u-shapes. Encebollado, ministerio de Turismo Ecuador / Flickr. With an increase in so many new luxury condominiums and beachfront housing projects, there has been a wave of new properties for sale on the open market. Little did he know the workers, and their hats, came from Ecuador. Learn about pre-Columbian cultures, in the heart of Manta, the Central Bank Museum holds an excellent collection of ancient pre-Columbian artifacts. The healthcare system in Manta is very good and growing quickly. The city has had numerous new business ventures open their doors including luxury condo high-rises, luxury hotels, restaurants, commercial projects, upscale movie theater, a Home Depot style home improvement store, a 200 million dollar luxury shopping mall and more. Most bars will offer a happy hour special in the late afternoon. Manta, located along the central Pacific Coast of Ecuador, has the largest sea port in this small Andean nation. We have even seen a dramatic increase in the dental tourism industry due to the low cost of high quality dental procedures available here in Manta. One of the other benefits the the city of Manta has to offer is it's own private airport which enables you to jump around and explore the rest of Ecuador with ease. Also within a short drive are cool places to hike, explore and discover, and even a jungle monkey tour and more. Making a Panama hat, ricardo Patiño /Flickr. Being a coastal city you have a fresh seafood market to enjoy where you can find anything from mahi-mahi, sea bass, crab, lobster, shrimp, sushi grade tuna and much much more. He and his wife have been working in the local real estate market for over 7 years and are the #1 top producing expat realty company in the area. This tranquil beach town is a favorite of expats looking to escape the city skyline but still be close enough to all the creature comforts that you don't want to lose. With hundreds of bird species, the reserve is already popular with bird watchers worldwide. A short distance from Manta, the Playa San Lorenzo is a quiet and laid-back beach, lacking the thumping music from the beachfront bars and restaurants found at many favorite surfing destinations in Ecuador.

Jorge Pancho Jurado held the world record for catching the largest blue marlin out of Manta. Chances of seeing these amazing creatures are very good. Host to the sixth South American Windsurfing Championship. As well as local and international investors. Nail and salon services starting at under 10 dollars. People stand amongst the rubble of fallen homes in Manta on April. Ecuador, additional service oriented businesses are also available to you in Manta at a discounted price. Manta is far away from antique the powerful yearly hurricanes that are continuing to cause more and more damage in other popular destinations from Central America to the Atlantic islands.

Photographs from the Eyewitness series.The destruction following the.8-magnitude earthquake that hit the country.

The archaeology museum at Cerro HojasJaboncillo is a recent addition to the scene. Right now the city of torn Manta is in wall the middle of the best buyerapos. Italian, argentinean, s market we have seen in the past 5 years. Make sure to check out all the restaurants and see the best fresh seafood options on offer before diving. And during the high season, it is one of the driest climates in the country and offers residents a majority of sunny days throughout the year with temperatures hovering around 7590 degrees Fahrenheit 2432 degrees Celsius. Owner and founder of Ecuador Shores Realty. Or head straight to the central plaza. Explore ancient artifacts, you can also find some of the best and most authentic international cuisine restaurants ranging from Thai. Located in Manta Ecuador, and others, japanese. Holidays, chinese, find vendors in many shop fronts throughout this small town.

Local outfitters rent equipment and offer lessons for beginners to intermediate students.Feel like jumping to Quito, Cuenca, Baños, or other great destinations for a weekend getaway?

The howler monkeys are consistent creatures and tend to follow a daily trail among the trees.

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Manta is about 300,000 people and is the largest fish producing city in South America.
I developed MantaExpatsOnline in July of 2011 in an effort to bring together expats living in Manta / Manabí Province and to provide a focal point of information for everyone to see.

Ecuadorians flock to Mantas beaches on weekends and holidays, especially during the local school vacation from mid-December through March.
Founded in 2008, the tiny Pacoche Reserve protects more than 5,000 hectares of dry coastal forest, an endangered habitat along the Ecuadorian Pacific.
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