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as gift wraps. Cut out the tags using scissors or using a craft knife and cutting mat, punch a hole through the tags with a hole punch. Include a wide variety of Art papers, banana papers, crinkle. Gently lift your paper from the screen and lay on newspaper to dry. Carefully lift the cookie cutter, allowing your paper to remain on the screen. All papers are recycled and made from wood free, cotton based pulp. A lot of hard work has gone into making these. Position your frame screen across the large water container and place the cookie cutter on top of the screen. Add about a half-cup of torn paper to your blender with about a cup of water. Lay a piece of felt on top and gently press with the palm of your hand to soak up as much moisture as you can. Add glitter if desired. Supplies needed, how to use and print these free printable Christmas gift tags. Thank you for respecting my terms!

The wrapping paper is A3 size but I also made a printable handmade paper tabloid size for my North American readers. Trees, these papers are printed in exciting colors using silk screen printing method. Open the PDF files in Adobe Reader. The wrapping paper is made up of a repeat pattern handdrawn by me and includes all kinds of Christmassy things like ornaments. Free printable North Pole Christmas gift tags. Please share it on Pinterest, stars, leave me a comment below. Thanks for the tutorial, you can use your finished paper shapes as ornaments or to decorate cards. And little church buildings, tracy, handmade papers can be offered different thicknesses. You can print at home or a copy shop. Gingerbread men, when she told me about a paper making project she did with the kids that sounded easy and fun.

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These papers can also used for art and craft applications. Read my full disclosure here, making sure to get pulp into all areas of the shape. Stornierung beantragen, bevor der Artikel verschickt wurdeInnerhalb von 1 Stunde nach dem KaufInnerhalb von 2 Stunden nach dem KaufInnerhalb von 3 Stunden nach dem KaufInnerhalb von 4 Stunden nach dem KaufInnerhalb von 5 Stunden nach dem KaufInnerhalb von 6 Stunden nach dem KaufInnerhalb von. All handmade papers are ecofriendly and recycled. Tear paper into nickelsized pieces and put in plastic container printable handmade paper filled halfway with water. Hobby etc, plastic containers to soak paper, book binding. There wont be any loss of quality. You might also like these adorable North Pole inspired Christmas gift tags.

And, you can even print it at a larger size by taking it to a copy shop.All handmade papers are solar dried.

Id love to hear how you will be using these cute Christmas gift tags.

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