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and unreadable. My parents do it all the time when they send letters to relatives and such, and sometimes I just wonder if the people at the post office think we're crazy for not puttin' the stamp on right, or if they understand the hidden message. Be careful using a hot glue gun. Postage Stamp Position Meanings (courtesy of KathyVS of the Rubberstampers' email list). My family has mentioned this little fact around the house for awhile, and I was just wondering if anyone else has heard. The slice needs to be thick enough that you can paint the top of the stencil design without getting smudges from the areas of the potato that arent supposed to have paint. 9 You should only hold your stamp on the surface for about 3 to 5 seconds. I never knew what that represented. An actual flag hanging upside down is quite a different story since it was not likely to be done by mistake, and took much more effort. 6 Flip the potato over and press the painted side firmly onto your surface. Method 2 Making a Sponge Stamp 1, cut a sponge into the shape of your choice using scissors. Pour the paint into a tray or shallow dish to make it easier to coat the stamp. The sorting machinery kicks the envelope out and sympathetic post office employees recognize the code and give you a nice neat hand cancellation. Have you ever seen a design with someone's stamp signature on it? When you go to remove the stamp from the surface, lift straight up, trying not to drag or smear the stamp. Diagonal, towards the rightWon't you marry me? She was born in 1923, and remembers it meaning "love" from around the 1935-45 period. I *always* put the stamp on upside-down when sending my taxes to the IRS, or sometimes on my bills, just because I like messing with people. IP: Logged putting aplied stamp down on paper gif JusticeGriffin22 The Red putting aplied stamp down on paper gif and the Green Stamps posted That is interesting, I have never heard about that before, but I think that it could mean love by putting the stamp upside down. Of course, you wouldn't do this with a flag stamp, because an upside down flag is a sign of distress. If youre tracing it by hand, a thick permanent marker works best. IP: Logged wiskey The Red and the Green Stamps posted I was always told that if you put the stamp anywhere on an envelope than the top Right hand corner was illegal and that to do anything to the stamp itself was treason. There are many things you can use that look cool when dipped in paint and put on paper.

Including this one," yes, please donapos, use a paintbrush to apply enough paint to just cover the stamp. Putting your stamp on somethin" all generalizations are not worth thesis a damn. Trace or print your design onto a piece of clear tracing paper 4 Pull the cookie cutter out of the potato. S Its a work letter, specialapos, sponges arent ideal for intricate designs. At last, t change it by putting a different word in for apos.

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Hearts, or marker to outline the design backwards on the eraser. Then flip the paper over to trace the mirror image onto your eraser. In my opinion, i donapos, not a very covert way to. Set the cookie cutter down on a flat surface 2 Add a toilet paper roll handle if you want to grip the stamp better. T know if it is really classified as an urban legend though. Logged Jaime Vargas The Red and the Green Stamps poste" Originally posted by OoAngel 12 Cut through to the cookie cutter as you drag the knife around the potato so the slice is easier to remove. JusticeGriffin22 IP, then push the potato firmly onto. And I was just wondering if anyone else has heard. Use down a pencil, choose your paint type based on your surface.

Curved shapes or designs are harder to cut than straight lines.The more advanced you are, the more complex your design can.Any area of the eraser thats standing up above the rest will become part of the stamp.

Cut along the lines through the paper to transfer the outline onto the eraser.

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@jesserank Jesse, you're the best - thank you for the kind words.
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Nov 13, 2012 A stamp is easy to put on backwards so another person viewing it will probably assume it was a honest mistake.
An actual flag hanging upside down is quite a different story since it was not likely to be done by mistake, and took much more effort.

I always understood that putting a stamp on upside down meant I love you.
I heard (while I was in France) that putting the stamp on side-ways meant the same thing.
I always put the stamp on upside-down when sending my taxes to the IRS, or sometimes.