Paper quilling designs using comb step by step

paper is behind the comb. You may not need to apply the glue paper that has an a on it once you are comfortable in handling the strips. Shown on the right are petals made with an onion holder.

Wrap the tine one above or one below the existing loop 6th, start by getting an onion holder or a comb and a strip of paper. Step 3, the limitation to this technique is that the distance between the loops are defined by the distance of tines in the comb. Cut off the excess paper, add a drop of glue on the hook. Repeat this looping how to roll a king with small papers process dele b1 past exam papers up towards the 4th. Making Evenly Spaced Quilling Combing Petals with a onion holder Like husking. You can then mold it by running the shape between your fingers. Carefully slide the stack of loops off the tines of the comb. When you are done, the paper should weave at the location onetine up between tine 2 and. This method allows you to reproduce shapes without the uncertainty of basic quilling techniques 5th, and glue down the loose end. The shape will be exactly as defined by the location of the tines.

Follow these easy instructions and make your own beautiful designs.We will begin by making a simple coil using the comb.You will need some quilling paper and a quilling comb, or a normal comb.

You need to wrap paper around the entire structure. Leaf as demonstrated above except the shape is not pinched together in step. You will need an onion holder and a strip of paper. Step 10, a strip of paper is wrapped around the tines of the onion holder. Press down for a few seconds so the layers glue together. An onion holder looks usa like a hair pick the kind used by people with Afro hairstyles. You would have to get combs with different density of tines.

The paper stays behind the comb all the time.Wrap the paper around the 9th tine and pull it down and behind the comb.This onion holder has 15 tines so the middle one is the 8th tine.

Carefully ease the looped paper off the tines of the comb.

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