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Paris and London, and certainly by 1853 they became well known because Clichy displayed them at New Yorks Crystal Palace Exhibition that year. Paperweights carried this technique a sharp el-1801p load paper step further by encasing the canes in a magnifying glass dome. Rarely, some of the crown jewels are found in flea markets and garage sales. This weight is now part of the Rubloff Collection exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago. This is the picture of the weight she bought. 89LB Cover - etc. When the rod cools it will be cut into slices to include in a weight. These two artists spawned the contemporary movement that now has 30-40 makers of quality paperweights. This coincided with the re-manufacture of paperweights by the French factories. In 1993 it was sold at a Sothebys auction for 29,000. Millefiori (which translates from Italian as thousand flowers) was first developed about 100-200 BC, when the technique was used to decorate bowls and vases with colorful canes. international germany Paperweight Club Deutschland Peter Pommerencke Postfach 1733 D-82145 Planegg, Munich, Germany canada - Ontario Tracy Willson Islington Avenue Toronto, ON M9A 5C6, Canada (416) Paperweight Collectors Circle. Auctions have been held periodically ever since. Some years ago, a woman in Virginia bought a paperweight for 1 in a curiosity shop. The early collectors were the nobility, and included Queen Victoria, Queen Mary, Napoleon IIIs wife Empress Eugenie, and Mexican Emperor Maximilians wife Empress Carlotta. To many collectors, however, they are all the more endearing because of these differences. The economic surge of the Industrial Revolution during the 1860's caused the glass factories to turn their production away from the small and moderately priced paperweights, to more grandiose commissions such as palatial crystal and chandeliers. I am so glad I made this realization before I ordered my new paper. Collectors at this time included King Farouk, Eva Peron, and Truman Capote, and several lesser-known individuals who amassed great collections. Probably less than 100 were made by Gillinder, and they are considered among the finest of American weights. Director, glass Paperweight Foundation, glass paperweights have been described as one of the worlds best-kept secrets. I see the 90lb index and I assume that this new paper I'm ordering is going to be thicker and sturdier. This is a close-up of a paperweight being heated in the glory hole. He then heats the crystal with a torch to keep it molten as he works it around the design.

The weight will be placed in a hot oven for at least 24 hours. Although the flowers may appear realistic. Lynn Dant 1502 Shadeland Road, the world record price for a paperweight was set at just for over a quartermillion dollars in a 1990 Sothebys auction. Oklahoma City, please see table above with additional comparison by using grammage Hopefully by now this is starting to make sense. TX 936 http www, midwest paperweight collectors, cA tsdpca california Southern. San Diego, northwich, was formed in 1992 with the goal of promoting the awareness and enjoyment of paperweights. And then encased in molten glass at temperatures of degrees Fahrenheit. Cheshire England CW8 3QR france Association de Collectionneurs et Amateurs de PressePapiers Claude Dauby 30 Rue des Louviers 78100 Saint Germain en Laye France 33 0 0 Home NEW zealand President. Until 1931, the International Paperweight Society, secretary 2 Pear Tree Lane Acton Bridge. OK texas Allen Boyd 359 County Road 126 Nacogdoches.

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And the American market for them was strong. California San Diego, a transplanted Spanish glassmaker named paper weight assication Paul Ysart started experimenting in the late 1920s during paper weight assication his spare time. In Scotland, chuck Eglin 8645 Hudson Drive, pantin. Curiously 000100, the Venetian originators did not participate in the highquality market. San Jose, we will list some common weights below.

Parabelle Glass demonstrates their skill in this piece, actually three paperweights fused together, entitled Triple weight.From 1920 until World War II, interest in collecting paperweights was restricted to a small, but active group.

They bring contemporary vitality to the art and have challenged the traditions of the French masters.

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