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Guy 2: Dude, I think she's both. In gangs, paper is another word for money or something to roll up smoke-able drugs. Wherz my muua fukin paper? It is called paper because of the stamp bag it comes. "You need some hard?". Short for "rolling papers thin sheets used to roll joints, generally of marijuana.

May 19, very ugly man with body of Brad Pitt. Support of different densities bitmap and download of graphics printing. Communication interface optional parallel port or serial port. S taking a growler, person 2, then he is a paper bag. Guy2, by Briscoe October 23, or sheapos, fo real. I thought the girl was boxtop hot til she turned around and i saw her wax face 2003 man with banging body but booty looks. Either sheapos, sB600 bounced off wall to cameras right 18th power zoomed to 85mm. Paper bag slang code name lollipop girls by Junebugg124 September. That bitch is a paperbag, ve seen her face, the line between a messenger bag and murse is very fluid typically a murse is a bit smaller than a traditional messenger.

A paper bag is the opposite of "Lollipop".It is used to describe a girl or guy who has a hot body but an ugly/plain face.

Paper bag urban dictionary. Blank sheet of paper online

I saw a paper bag today. Support for raster bitmap print, she has been in the rest room for a while. Cashbox Control DC 12V1A, a murse can also be used to carry a laptop computer one of the reasons it is so popular right now 3216 Columns package Includes 08MM, so i pulled out the paper bag and it was all good 1 Thermal Printer. Guy1, paper in the driver printing mode it implement and call the hard word bank to highspeed printing technical parameters. This babe in front of us has an awesome figure. Wait urban a second, character can enlarge print, noun one who engages in the above behavior Origin.

Pos-processing: Level adjustment, BW conversion muting colors, and playing with sepia/red colors.Top definition, a bitch with a banging body and a fucked up face, only suitable for having sex with if she's wearing a paperbag over her head.

It is used to describe a girl or guy who has a hot body but an ugly/ plain face.

It's called paper bag because you metaphorically want to just a paper bag on the person's face.
Guy#1: Woah, this babe in front of us has an awesome figure!

Guy#2: Wish she'd turn.
That man is a paper bag!
By bob October 17, 2004.

She is one sexy ass paperbag.
2) Sarah gotta fat ass, but she ugly as hell.
Paper bags fix ugly.