Paper cutting designs butterfly step by step

but it depends what adhesive you've used. Then sprinkle over some glitter, tap off the excess and allow to dry. Step 13: Fold the bottom part of the triangle up with a portion of the top corner showing, like in the picture. Note: Iron temperature and fusing time will depend of the type of fabric and fusible webbing you are using. Place the fusible webbing piece(s) onto the wrong side of chosen fabric, then fuse for a few seconds with a dry iron. You will need to experiment on your machine to find the right stitch length. Heres a few more tips and techniques that I use that you may find helpful: I use bobbin fill thread in the bobbin. Using a Tidy Tray to Collect Glitter Powder Sprinkled Around the Butterfly Wings. Or perhaps a rainbow effect instead. Step 9: Bring the left and right creases together to form this triangle. They love to make beautiful artworks form a single sheet of paper. Adding step Glitter All Around the Wing Edges. Use an open-toe, clear foot so you can see what you are doing. The stitch length I set to just above zero. Whatever you are using to make the antennae, youll need two pieces cut to the same length. This is my trusty machine. Or perhaps you have some wire instead which would look different again. What about an ombre look where you have light to dark shades of glitter in one color. Use the glue pen to draw around the edge of a wing and, while the adhesive is still wet, shake over some of the extra fine glitter powder. When happy with the arrangement, place a press cloth over the design, then fuse in place with an iron. Just bear in mind that they all need to be the same shape and if you make them too small, they will become harder to assemble. A glue gun is my choice of adhesive but you might prefer to use something else. Because it is so fine you can fit heaps on the bobbin, meaning less bobbin changes!

Related Content You Should Also Love. Page Last phd Updated, step 2, you get a sense of the 3D layering here and the vellum on top which you can partially see through. Please refer to the instructions that come with your fusible webbing for more details.

Paper cutting designs butterfly step by step

For adding on each layer, do this over a clean sheet of paper. Glue pen adhesive like Zig pens. A tidy tray which will catch the excess glitter and allow picture you to pop it back into the container to reuse. This exam step by step guide will show you how to make appliques by hand. You can tear out sheets from unwanted books or magazines and use that as paper instead. I prefer mine to be no smaller than 34 inches across from the tip of one wing to the other. Better still, you really have just one more thing. For something a little different, remember, and practice makes perfect. This post contains affiliate links for which I may be compensated.

I use a Janome blue tip needle as they help to prevent skipped stitches, but a universal size 70 or 80 needle will also do the job.I lay mine out onto big sheets of kitchen paper or towel or you could use a tray instead.

Step 5: the bottom layer for each butterfly is where you need to stick the antennae or the stalks as some people choose to call them instead.

A great idea for any spare wall space 3D paper butterfly with cut outs wall sticker by weiweidecorations,.00.
How to Make.

Origami, the Japanese art of paper -folding, dates back centuries.
Step 1 for the other upper wing.

This time, bring it up and back towards the right.
Use something like origami paper, a post-it, or cut a square out of A4 paper.