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they glued on patterned paper, eliminating the need to paint and giving their final creations a singular look. How to make a Nemo paper mache fish. Most women preferred to acquire sewing and embroidery skills, although a few took up skills previously known only paper to men, such as papier mache and assembling electronic circuits. While it's not exactly a tutorial, if you need some inspiration for your fish mask, there's a short post you should check out. The great thing is, it isn't some static papier mache one-off built for a motor show stand. That is not enough time to plan a bridal shower, an engagement brunch, a papier-mâché sculpture of you two kissing. Who would like to help Reverend Hereward make papier mache? After you create the armature, or the shape of the fish with its fins, you apply 10 layers (10!) of paper mache, to make sure it's nice and strong. You want us to plant the flag on a pile of papier-mâché. She and her daughter created an assortment of unique paper mache fishes for her 4-year-old's birthday party, and the end result was very fun. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to papier-mâché an arm back onto our savior. You know, a little glue, papier-mâché. We love the look of these unique fish, especially the macaroni lips and the bright colors.

Wet & dry paper Paper macha fish

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That's why we're bringing you some great ideas for how to make a paper mache fish.They painted them with spray paint.Image: Flickr, there's nothing quite like some unique creatures from under the sea to liven up any bedroom or birthday party.

Charisse, from, whimsy Paper Mache, one of our favorite paper mache sites, has a great video where she walks you through the process of making your very own Nemo.

We think her fish is pretty darn festive and is great inspiration for making your own paper mache.
Other inspiration for making a fish out of paper mache.
For a more informal approach, we love this.

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