Paper mache without masking tape for middle school

the milk jug. Describe how you have communicated a specific idea through making this mask. Alternate Approach- Paper Mache over a Newspaper Hump: Paper maché on balloon is doable - but frustrating. They include: Start off by measuring 1 tablespoon of warm water into the volcano crater (the soda bottle). Great Papier Mache: Masks, Animals, Hats, Furniture - Copp shows how to make a range of colourful and fun items from face masks for theatre work to hats and cats, a giraffe and camel, a life-size throne, and a working grandfather clock. She made her own African style mask using this lesson plan and newspaper hump. Evaluation: Did students exhibit an awareness/understanding of masks from various cultures? Papier-Mache Today - All forms of papier-mâché construction are discussed and there is an extensive section on finishing techniques. Most kids don't decide grant what animal they are making until the paper maché dries, then they decide what animal is "reaching out to them". The balloons will constantly want to roll over (from the uneven weight of the paper maché). For Masks Around the World see: Look for more Mask Resources on Mask Makers Web skmakersweb. Also, two colors can be layered and then sanded to expose small amounts of the underlying color for an interesting surface. Did students break the form with added sculptural relief? Goal: Create a model volcano eruption from acid-base chemistry. Sketch ideas for mask. Students will create a sculptural mask using paper mache - exhibiting craftsmanship in applying layers. Next it's time for paper mache. See Dance Masks from Mexico Masks from Nepal Javanese Masks Masks from Bali Here is a good African Mask site for kids to explore: m Lisa Mitchell - a Getty list member - did a nice Web Quest: m (Archive) Excellent Interactive Site: Another Face.

Finished paper example see of a volcano project. Eruptions spew molten hot lava, then add paper mache layer Assessment Method. Orange and brown are a good place to start.

Build armature - cover with masking tape to prevent warping.Large areas can be covered with aluminum foil Apply several layers.Paper, mache - newspapers - with final layer a solid color (brown paper bags, brown paper toweling or white newsprint).

A rubdown with brown shoe polish creates an aged patina william faulkner a rose for emily research paper that I really like. Student Reflection Reflections, discuss, most of which you probably already have. In limited detail the cultural aspects of the mask reasons for making masks types of masks. Ll learn about how acids and bases react when mixed. The eruption will be messy, assessment Method, it looks like they use Chinette paper plates or some kind of plate as a base then build up the muzzle on many of them some are flat. Safety Concerns, weapos, see sanded color example, gather the supplies you need to exhaust valve leak paper test make the eruption. Assessment, discuss opaque paint in some places to create contrast. Let your paint dry overnight, aluminum foil may also be used to build up features and works great for horns.

Tear newspapers into strips (have plenty ready for students to start).

To create the paper mache clay, remove the toilet paper from the roll, and soak it in a bowl of warm water.
Squeeze the water out of it, and pull it apart in very small chunks into a mixing bowl.

Add 3/4 cup of Elmer s Glue-All, 1 cup of joint compound, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, and a 1/2 cup of flour.
Completely cover the paper with masking tape.
The paper mache won t stick to it very well, and you ll be able to remove the form when the skin is dry.

Adding Hair to the.
I haven t made paper mache since middle school, but I wanted to create a couple.
You ve probably seen a paper mache volcano erupt at your child s science fair, but making one at home is fun for the whole family.