Paper mill smell

uses heat and chemicals to pulp wood chips for making paper. Students paddled from Rosman to Gulf of Mexico? It smells worse than anything I've ever smelt before. Some paper mills use pulp from other mills to make paper and will have a less noticeable odor. Sulfite mills emit sulfur dioxide (SO2) which has a strong, choking odor. Obviously, it's better to not be breathing chemicals suspended in the air than to be breathing them, but the mill has taken a lot of steps to improve air quality, and spent millions of dollars. Senior Project Manager Laine Findley said, Were essentially building a giant Dutch oven that will power the plant with its own awful paper mill smell smell. I had never noticed that smell in Asheville until a few months ago. .

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Paper mill smell

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He also noted that the mill, long known as Champion but now called Evergreen Packaging, installed modern pollution controls around 1993-94.

Use sulfuric acid as part of the process of breaking down the wood fibers.
So the emissions from usually like rotten eggs.

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Question: Could I be smelling the Canton paper.
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The City of North Charleston is finalizing plans to build a state-of-the-art dome over the.
Most paper mills use SO2, sulphur dioxide, to bleach.