Quill computer printout paper 7-10636

shaping of narrow paper strips to create a design, has been around for years hundreds, in fact. Curve each over rolled end of next scroll; glue. To make open hearts, fold a strip in half, and crease. What You'll Need 5/8-inch multicolor quilling paper (No. Loose Scroll: Form a loose circle, but do not glue closed. Photography: Gentl and Hyers 5 of 13, step 3: Open Hearts, open heart shapes are used in the quilled heart valentine. During the Renaissance, nuns and monks would roll gold-gilded paper remnants trimmed during the bookmaking process, and use them to decorate religious objects as an alternative to costly gold filigree. Glue the bead between the heart curves. Be sure to roll the paper, not the tool. Moisten your thumb and index finger. Closed: quill Wind a strip to the end. Here, we arranged a series of fleurs-de-lis, each made from three V scrolls of graduated sizes, and one teardrop. Watercolor digital paper Free digital paper pack Printer quilling paper, red, 1/8 Twill tape, white, 1/2 Paper clip, red Jewelry pliers, 2 flat-nose Jump rings, 2 silver Clear message sticker Glue stick Paper cutter Printer Directions: Step 1: Score and fold a 7x5 piece. Hold the coil loosely and let it expand to the desired size. Photography: Gentl and Hyers 1 of 13, quilling, or paper filigree, is the art of creating intricate shapes from strips of paper. Step 10: Cut a -wide strip of cardstock to fit the width of the card between the bordered edges, and glue it in place, covering the lettering on the printed digital paper. Put the toothpick across the top of the strip near the top. Secure the end with glue. Tight: Wind a strip to the end. Position the teardrops so that the inner coils face in the same direction. When satisfied with the shape and size, glue the end of the strip to secure. Step 4: Shaping Coils, each of the basic quilling shapes starts with a winding; then they are sized, and some are glued. A slotted quilling tool lets you create coiled shapes with ease.

Quill computer printout paper 7-10636

18, each teardrop requires a fulllength strip. Materials, step 1, make paper several loose scrolls, place directly on the america background. T have colored paper, dab points of glue on undersides of quilled shapes and position them.

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Gentl and Hyers 2, complete the Tight Circle To complete the tight circle. Using Coils and Scrolls The real art of quilling is when you combine a variety of quilling shapes to maths olympiad past papers grade 8 make pictures and decorations. Ruler, but the reward will be a coil with a perfectly round center. Instead, roll a 2 strip around the shaft of a paper piercing tool or round toothpick to make a bead. Positioned along four leafy stems made from strips of green paper to complete the lilyofthevalley. You can also make a wooden frame for sizing by sawdust and paper scraps gluing two toothpicks across two more toothpicks. Suitable for paper, without moving the toothpick, and are used to make the quilled frame cards.

Step 2: Make 2 hearts.V: Fold a very short strip of paper in half.Perhaps quilling is best known, though, as a way of bringing personality to handmade cards.

Step11: Cut twill tape to the same length as the cardstock strip.

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