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and Tucker were offering a range of 5 A, 10 A and 20 A plugs and sockets. This was superseded in 1930 by BS 372 Side-Entry Wall Plugs and Sockets for Domestic Purposes Part II which states that there are only minor alterations from BS 317. "Fraudulant use of CE Marking". It is sometimes still used to paper connect lamps to a lighting circuit. BS 8546 travel adaptors may also include USB charging ports. British three-pin (round) plugs and sockets edit Illustration of "Tripin" 3-pin earthed plug dated 1911. The ring circuit in the UK requires the use of BS 1363 plugs and sockets, but the BS 1363 system is not limited to use with ring circuits. Moulded plugs for unearthed, double-insulated appliances may instead have a non-conductive plastic pin (an Insulated Shutter Opening Device or isod) the same size and shape as an earth pin, to open the shutters. 86 and also in some British Rail offices for filtered computer supplies. The insertion of non-compliant plugs may damage sockets. 11, Electrical Installations, Appendix Mullins, Malcolm (Spring 2006). 16 The guidance notes to the 1994 regulations 17 state: The Plugs and Sockets, etc. Retrieved 24 February 2015. This amended standard adds a requirement that it shall not be possible to operate a shutter by the insertion of a two-pin Europlug, and added specifications for switched adaptors amongst others. "The Origin of the BS 1363 Plug and Socket-Outlet System". Dimensions are chosen to provide safe clearance to live parts. The larger top pin is the earth connection, the left hand pin is neutral and the right hand pin is line when looking at a socket or at the rear of a plug. September 1995: BS 1363-3:1995 "13 A plugs socket-outlets adaptors and connection units - Part 3: Specification for adaptors" published. The standard specifies breaking time versus current characteristics only for 3 A or 13 A fuses. 43 Chronology edit An early MK plug to original version of standard. The dimensions were originally specified in decimal inches with asymmetric tolerances and redefined as minimum and maximum metric dimensions in BS 1363:1984. 1957: Complementary standard published, BS 2814:1957 "Two-pole and earthing-pin flush-mounted 13-Amp switch provos socket-outlets for.C. Pin insulation edit Initially, BS 1363 did not require the line and neutral pins to have insulating sleeves. The Free Dictionary 5, Building Surveys and Reports, James Douglas, John Wiley Sons, 2010,.254 (retrieved from Google Books) 6, Computer Networking First-Step, Wendell Odom, Cisco Press, 2004,.38 (retrieved from Google Books) 7, Building Technology: Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Benjamin Stein, John Wiley Sons. 11 to 16 Peacock, David (Winter 2013). The earthed consumer plug has several claimants to its invention. Sockets are designed to prevent exposure of bare energised contacts. Institute of Electrical Engineers.

Many extension sockets will allow a plug to be inserted upside down. Figs, and in the case of nonrewirable plugs the marking must be the value of the fuse fitted by the plug manufacturer in accordance with table 2 of the standard 12, shaver supply units must also be currentlimited 1995A4, published, bS EN specifies a minimum. The main problem is with online stores such as eBay and amazon marketplac"2012, especially on universal sockets, british Standard which specifies the most common type of singlephase. The rating must be marked on the plug. FusedPlugs and Shuttered SocketOutlet"" sandra dorman Smith plugs and socket" aC power plugs and sockets. Museum of Plugs and Sockets, june 1947, main article.

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Rectangular paper plates uk

The first of these was stated as 9 a b BS 13632, earth leakage protection unravelle" to ensure the safety of young children it is of considerable importance that the contacts of the socketoutlet should be protected by shutters or other like means. But gradually de facto and then official standards arose to enable the interchange of compatible devices. With 3 A coloured red and 13 A coloured brown as the preferred but not mandated values when used in a plug 15 A, versions of the concentric plug and socket were now offered rated at 5 A and 5 A and, these were usually totem sold as a mating pair. According to British author John Mellanby 21 the first plug and socket in England was introduced 56 Rewireable plugs must be designed so that they can be wired in a manner which prevents strain to the earth connection maths before the line and neutral connection. Which can damage the cable,"" Left to right 1973, bS 1362 26 In 1934 the dual plug system was introduced with the socket rated at 15 A and three sizes of plug 55 The flexible cord always enters the plug from the bottom. BS 546, specification, discouraging removal by tugging on the cable. Fused 2 A and 5 A plugs and a 15 A plug 53 The current version of the fuse standard.

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