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but also to transform how. Like a dog nobody wants, ownership of the site has passed through many hands, as has responsibility for its clean-up. EPA Grant Number: F5C20464, title: Local Knowledge and Human Health Risk: Geographies of Risk. Advocates for the poor in New Hampshire say the GOP is seeking to sabotage the national health care law. The ecological risk panel concludes monitoring at the site was inadequate to determine ecological impacts and that more monitoring is needed. Regis Paper, which conducted wood-preserving activities there and operated a box cutting factory. The complete print edition, in its exact layout. It will also demonstrate the need for a more sophisticated and geographically complex conception of local knowledge in risk assessment: specifically, as a hybrid that brings together flows of knowledge from multiple perspectives, places, and scales. The number of agencies and groups involved makes the clean-up a slow, sometimes frustrating process, but that doesn't get Nordrum down for long. The groups convened three panels of experts to prepare a report on what was known and what needed to be known about groundwater conditions, human health risks, and ecological health risks. Testing recently completed by the EPA found potentially harmful levels of dioxins, furans, and other aqa past paper physics unit 1 compounds left behind from treating wood. The Band asked scientists at the Natural Resources Research Institute (nrri) and Minnesota Sea Grant at the University of Minnesota Duluth to help assess the remediation actions and develop a plan for further efforts. Expected Results: By describing and analyzing the complex geographic dimensions of the risk assessment process, the dissertation aims to provide a scientific basis for rethinking the dilemma of how to reconcile standardization and customization in hazardous waste risk assessment policy. The human health risk panel urges that steps be taken to minimize exposure of children to the site. It compares the development of risk and exposure assessments at a site on an American Indian reservation in northern Minnesota, customized in part to account for place-specific traditional tribal lifeways, with a standard risk assessment at a site in the Twin Cities suburbs. A full report is available on Minnesota Sea Grant's Web site at: ml, but in general: The groundwater panel recommends further investigations assessing groundwater contaminant flow patterns in order to protect nearby ground and surface waters. However, the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe were concerned that the site was never properly studied and that clean-up actions by Champion were not effective. They also initiated the first survey of major contaminants in Cass Lake and Pike Bay sediments, fish, and aquatic invertebrates, and helped upgrade the analytical capabilities of the Minnesota Chippewa Water Quality Laboratory in Cass Lake. My research asks: how EPA and its partner agencies at state and local levels have constructed exposure models and parameters in these contrasting situations; how these agencies have identified local knowledge and brought it to bear on risk assessment at the two sites; and how. The report, completed this spring, confirms tribal concerns that the site has not been properly remediated and that the extent of the contamination and its movement is not well understood.

S fish hatchery and drinking water to the town of paper Cass Lake. quot; whitefish in the nearby lake carry 10 times the levels of dioxin as the same species in Ball Club Lake. Both untreated and treated groundwater from the Superfund site flow into Pike Bay on Cass Lake. Wells in the vicinity supply water to the Bandapos. The company" because tribal members have unique cultural practices and lifestyles. Starting a groundwater monitoring program, began remediation efforts recommended by the state shortly afterwards. Drawing on the, does, the panel recommends moore that a customized human health risk assessment be performed. T one of those things she explained.

In 1984, the several-acre area was declared.Superfund site one of the first designated under a new state law.The lack of signage is unusual compared to other.

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Its care switched from the, the high levels of dioxins and furans warrant closure of the area. S hard to tell the area is contaminated. Re happy that the University was able to assist the tribe and other affected parties in focusing on the essential issues that could lead st regis paper company superfund site to improvement in human health and the ecological issues surrounding the site. And the Leech Lake Tribal Council then formed a partnership to collaborate on a proposal to the EPAapos.

"A lot of people were under the assumption they had done everything needed to make the site safe.".

The objective of this research project is to investigate the practices and negotiations involved with the development of human health risk and exposure assessments for sites in EPAs.
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