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research. The following two tabs change content below. Syndicated research is often used during exploratory research which follows an unstructured format. . In short when you are building your knowledge base about a business/research problem and dont want to spend huge amount or have very less time you should use syndicated research reports. These portals distribute syndicate reports offered by many renowned global market research companies. In the healthcare industry and more specifically in the complex therapeutic segment related to hyperkalemia and hyperphosphatemia where. A golden rule to stick by is research the research. Market Research Reports to find and purchase syndicated research reports. Using a sample that is sufficiently large and appropriately weighted provides a scalable picture of the market as a whole, from which relevant and actionable intelligence can be derived. Why syndicated research is conducted?

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University or bschool libraries often have access to digital databases which provide research information and if you have access to them then you can find a vast collection of information. A research study which is conducted wilderness and funded by a market research firm but not for any specific client is called a syndicated research. Whats the cost of syndicated research. Syndicated Research Can Help Companies Develop BusinessBuilding Strategies. The data generated through market research is an invaluable tool for professionals working in brand marketing. Because syndicated research is undertaken on a large scale. The main reason for the lesser price of syndicated research reports is that they are made available to anyone who is willing to purchase them in an open market.

When searching for a market research provider, look for one that can serve both syndicated and custom research needs.To learn more about Euromonitor Internationals syndicated and custom research solutions, visit our Passport and Euromonitor Consulting pages.

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You can use portals like, they hire market research companies to conduct study for them and then often provide the results of that study publically for everyone. Two key planks of the appeal of syndicated research research are accuracy and trust. Now comes to question of how or where to acquire syndicated research reports. Focus research their efforts on the right market segments. When syndicated research is used, armed with information produced by sound research practices.

This can really help you identify the companies you should be asking for research proposals in future when you want to go ahead with custom market research.Should the need arise for more specific information, custom research can be their next step.

Syndicated research is typically survey-based and created independently by a market research provider, who determines the size and scope of the study, the questionnaire subject and target population before offering its results and analysis to multiple clients.

Generally, market research firms offer their services in two forms: custom research and syndicated research.
The basic difference between the two is who funds it and who has ownership of the data.
Custom research is specifically conducted for and funded by a single client company, and the results are proprietary to the client; whereas the data.

The cost of syndicated research reports varies from reports to reports and publishers ( market research companies who conduct syndicated research ).
But one thing is certain that syndicated reports are much cheaper compared to custom market research.
On an average they are almost 10 times cheaper than custom market research studies of the same scope.

Like custom research, syndicated research is also adapting and beginning to reap the benefits of digital automation.
Automation enables large firms to create immense volumes of syndicated data for certain industries, making it quicker and easier to observe, create and promote market research and global trends in less time.
Custom Research, the primary distinction between the two lies in who funds it and who owns the data once the study is concluded.