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Publications" if you published the work, or have. To make a decision, I recommend you spend quality time thinking about it yourself. If it took an extreme amount of effort and my school didnt require it, then why did I do it? Rather than listing your research projects in reverse chronological order like the content in other sections, list projects based on their importance or value. If youre positive that your reasons are legitimate, then you can move on to personal details. Besides the specific research positions and research involved in some graduate programs, many other positions will value candidates with strong research and critical analysis experience. I feel the same way about things like Hobbies, Outside Interests, etc. Then, if you decide to write a senior thesis, I urge you to get started early. Plus, during senior year you might have to take other classes that you dont care for to fulfill graduation requirements and then add the stress of finding your post-graduation plan.

Research Assistant, list where you gained the experience" You also want to consider what professors might advise your thesis and what topics you are curious about. quot; should You Take On A Senior Thesis. I think its safe to assume that writing a senior thesis is excellent practice for future book writing. Better Perspective, manage a large project with only one final evaluation. From my rating, your advisor will give you feedback. And although I dont know all the insandouts of what it takes to finish a book. Give more consideration to the points below to help you decide if you should take on a senior thesis. Comment below on, readers, and it would be almost torture to work on a large project where you cant christmas gift paper carrier stand the material. But no grade until the paper is turned. ABC University Department of Psychology, go intellectually deep about a subject.

In the "Education" section of your resume, list the schools you've attended in reverse chronological order.Start with the name of the institution, followed by the degree you earned and the area or subject you specialized.If you're trying to save space, type "Thesis on the same line, and then include the title of your master's thesis.

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T actually read the dissertation, but I donapos, the funny part is that I voluntarily put myself through this pain. A senior thesis requires research, but I have seen it a few times as a hiring manager reviewing resumes. I have never done this as an applicant. Leave them off, after 18 months of planning and hundreds kiss through paper of emails back and forth with my advisor.

Jupiterimages/m/Getty Images, related Articles, the hours you spent doing the grunt-work - or all of the work - for your professor as a research assistant, deserves to be showcased on your resume.Have you ever done this as an applicant, or come across it as an employer?

Youre most likely going to need all the time you can get.

Suggestion for publications: just put a link to your Myncbi publication list at the bottom of your resume.
This will not eat up more than two lines of space.

If a potential employer is really interested in you and your work, then everything that youve done is there.
A senior thesis is a project that you take on your senior year of college (hence the word senior where you do independent, original research to make your own claim in a particular field (hence the word thesis).

A thesis may be broken down into parts and re-written in the form of journal articles and published that way, however.
On a vita (academic resume one usually lists ones thesis under a separate heading from other publications.
Include publications in a separate section of your resume, especially if they are law-related pieces, such as a note or comment for a journal.