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it on the practice paper, cut it out as you would the Inkjet Shrink Sheet and estimate whether 40 shrinkage will work for the piece you have in mind. If your shrunken image will require a hole. This usually prevents the object from curling upon itself. Depending on your printer, lightened images show up more vividly. By noting these tips and carefully following these instructions, you'll ensure your chances for successful shrinks the first time. Smaller sheets will take slightly less time. If you remove the tray too soon and the piece is not completely finished, you may place it in the oven again for a few more minutes until it lays relatively flat. The distortion can be reduced by carefully following these instructions and by only baking objects less than a sheet. Feed each sheet individually, as you would paper. The larger the size of the original sheet, the higher this possibility. In fact, only a slight trace of powder should be seen on the foil. Once printed, place the Inkjet Shrink Sheets on a flat surface overnight to let the ink set. The hotter the shrink art object, the more pliable it will. You may want to experiment with lighter prints on Inkjet Shrink Sheets. Using super glue, you can layer shrink plastic objects. Lightly dust one side with talcum or baby powder. Remember, ovens provide uneven levels of heat. Handle the printed material from the edges. Occasionally, the shrink art object will shrink unevenly or not shrink smoothly. After 1 to 2 minutes, the piece will slowly begin to distort and curl. This means they will shrink a little more in one direction than another.

Use an oven mitt to immediately place the shrink art object on a flat surface to be flattened. Electric ovens, and placing it back in the oven. If you must shrink objects greater than 12 sheet. A 1" you can add a ribbon bow or bead directly on the shrink by placing just a dab of glue on the embellishment and then pressing it onto the ornament. The final step is the assembly of the Shrink Art.

Because of shrinkapos, place in a preheated 300 oven with the print side down. The" if time permits, you may want to form portions of your object paper into shapes. Bake 4 minutes in a preheated 300F oven.

Place on a flat surface we suggest a nonstick baking tray.

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Materials: Shrink paper Resin Scissors Hole punch toothpick.

In this video, Damian uses Paper Smooches stamps and dies to make earrings for his grandma's birthday.
Also known as Shrink Art, Shrink Plastic, Poly Shrink or Plastic Shrink.

After you have created the image print.
Once printed, place the Inkjet Shrink Sheets on a flat surface overnight to let the ink set.