Traditional paper crafts

moves! Click here to learn more. Hole punch paper mosaic Make a simple paper mosaic by glueing colorful hole-punch circles to paper. You can adapt this craft to make other bookmarks using different pictures, including flowers, butterflies, cats, or any other image you like. Download the pattern and you'll see that it is beautiful, sturdy, versatile, and a pleasure to open. Complete THE picture #2. Woven heart basket A simple basket to make with paper or felt. Stuffed dinosaurs Print out dinosaur templates to make stuffed dinosaurs. Copyright m - How to cite a web page. Occupations collage Make a great collage by cutting out pictures of workers from magazines and gluing them to poster board.

120, pretty wallpaper scraps, s page students to mark where they are this is called dogearing a book. Handmade envelope craft Make a special envelope out of gift wrapping paper. Then use your imagination to complete the drawing. Brochures, pinwheel Make a pinwheel from paper. S hand cutout, and construction paper makes a great gift for a birthday or Motherapos. This simple paper craft made from a childapos. Then you can have a frog jumping contest. S handprint, handprint paper lilies Simple paper flowers made from a childapos.

Jeffery Rudell Specialty: paper crafts view profile.Craft up some cute holly cards with a technique inspired by traditional quilting.

Site members have access to a banneradfree version of the site. Tangram puzzle A traditional Chinese puzzle to make out of paper. Advertisement, simple craft that works well at childrenapos. S parties, with printfriendly pages, s HAT Make a tiny version of Lincolnapos. Make a beautiful dove that symbolizes peace. Good luck hand khamsa The khamsa is traditional a symbol of good luck from Morocco. S stovepipe hat paper from construction paper and a paper tube.

Three-D hexaflexagon The hexaflexagon is a folded geometric figure that can be "flexed" to expose many sides.Dinosaur Crafts: dinosaur coloring book A dinosaur book you can print out and color.Nameplate craft These simple nameplates are easy to make and stand up on a desk.

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Hybrid paper crafts combine traditional and digital crafting techniques.
Learn more about hybrid crafting and how you can use it in your next project.
Holiday paper crafts from japan 17 easy projects to brighten your holiday.

These crafts projects use materials found around the house, like paper, string, crayons, paint, markers, glue, etc.
A traditional, chinese puzzle to make out of paper.
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