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Hulk shut up puny Loki, megatron: Oh well, come on, let's have.So you tell it to him, spell it out if necessary, then beat the crap out of him in a manner most righteous (or, if you are a common human against a superpowered villain, or the work is not action-oriented, an Armor-Piercing Slap may.

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Two characters, such as a main character and a main villain or a character and his foil, are shown to embody ideas and to possess traits that are opposed at a fundamental level.
Only if a flesh and blood villain emerges is subprime likely to be seen as a true scandal, and to inspire more extensive reform.

I kinda prefer the villain devils designs in tgfp.
The, guided Fate: Cross, thesis, awakening is a roguelike where you explore grids full of monsters.
OK, seriously, lets get back to that Zittrain-Lessig thesis.

The problem with their thesis?
Holy smokes, pot on your iPhone!
He s a villain.