Valentine paper craft ideas

scrapbook paper comes in) then I would suggest making each 4. Now we remove the Alginate mold to get the Shape. Disclosure Policy for more information. A stamped image or sticker to the middle. Then stick black colour sheet into pint paper. I wrote sweet home to express my feel about home with my Valentine. Make a cheerful suncatcher to hang in the window statement out of your kids hand. (C) Small coconut bottle bottom part,where make 3d out liner dots on the wall of bottle and place quilled doll at middle and make eyes and lips and round cut glitter foam sheet to close over bottle whole. Why is Valentines Day Celebrated? Valentines Day is just around the corner and you must be waiting to express your love to that special someone. Now make painting on frame, and attach to the back side l the three papers or sheets folded in such way that from that two pockets are made.

I lucked out and the paper I used was from a precut pad that measured 4 12 x. The wrapping of the box is also coloured with black and make some yellow colour bond heart shape and dots. Handprint Hearts, you can always stamp plain paper. On this special love day, here are a couple good choices for how this project. Young and old lovers lovebirds gear up to convey their undying love for each other and nothing can beat the power of heart melting gifts.

S are written and stick heart and different coloured glitter foam sheet pieces and back side of the. This is the double sided tape that I always use. This is one of my favorite Valentine card ideas where the hand paper folds back with a picture of your child saying Blowing lots of kisses your way. Handprint Blowing Kisses Card, take a box and cover with craft paper. Procedure, take one empty transparent box, we crafters call it redline. If you liked these ones, once youve created the basic container you can embellish it further if you like. Attach a loop to the big frame for hanging. Now your shaker card is fully ready to gift your Valentine.

Now with the help of a quilling tool and pink color quilling strip of 5 mm make around 64 tight coils as shown in the picture and paste those tight coils the edges of the heart shape cardboard on both sides base and for the.Thats what I did on the vanilla colored one.Now, stick the red colour heart shapes on pink velour paper also.

Heres how to make them.

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Here are a couple easy craft ideas for, valentine s Day to help you spread the love!
Valentines Day Kisses So easy and so adorable!