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drop will help students see that the drop rolls rather than slides. . Ask students: If water absorbs into a paper towel but does not absorb into wax paper, what does that say about the polarity of paper and wax paper? This is called adhesion because the attraction is to a different substance. Posted: February 23rd, 2012, author: Robin Schotter, filed under: News, Science, tags: children, preschool, Science, teachers, water 1 Comment ยป. August 26th, 2010 Tags: 4 Star, Easy, Eye dropper, Fine Motor Control, Frugal, Fun, Independent, Practical Life, Tot Trays, Transfer, Water Category: Activities, Practical Life, Preschool). Students phd will place drops of water in an already-filled test tube and on the surface of a penny.

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This may take a couple of tries. On wax paper, ask students, why paper do you think a paper clip. Can stay on the surface of water. The forces of adhesion between water and the surface are stronger than paper they are on oil or wax. Dry paper towel can then be placed in the trash. Project the image Water and Detergent.

Since the water drops stay on the wax paper, there must be some sort of attraction between these materials.It turns out the force of attraction between the water.Drop 3 or 4 water droplets onto the wax paper.

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Can you do it, fill the small bowl with kaiser scrapbook paper water and add a few drops of food coloring or liquid water color. Use a dropper to add water to both pennies. So water is more attracted to itself than to the wax. Students should remember that water molecules are very attracted to each other and this attraction is the basis for surface tension.

The activity sheet will serve as the Evaluate component of each 5-E lesson plan.Safety, be sure you and the students wear properly fitting goggles.

Is this explanation enough?

Wet the toothpick with water.
Bring the toothpick close to, but not touching, the water drops.
In this practical, students observe and report what happens when water is placed o n waxed paper, and a splint or toothpick is positioned close to the droplets.

Cut and Connect Water Drops - The cut and connect water drops project is an easy.
Food color; Glass; Water; Spoon; Eyedropper; Waxed paper; Toothpick.
As with most quality science experiences, the materials are simpl e (water, wax paper, toothpicks and food coloring but the science learning.

Fill the small bowl with water and add a few drops of food coloring or liquid wate r color.
Tear off a rectangle of wax paper and use the sharpie to draw several small.