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Republic of Kazakhstan as annexed to the request (petition) on the execution. Using in the verification and clarification of the testimony on the site the means of audio and video recording is compulsory and is made according to the rules, laid down in Article 210 of this Code. If there are grounds for revision of judicial acts, the decision, petition and attached documents together with the case shall be submitted to the court of cassation no later than five days from the day of preliminary consideration. Products : to improve the relevance of the collection. Consent to the deprivation of immunity of the candidate for the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the candidate for deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan is requested at the Central Election Commission. If the application (petition) or message indicates other circumstances that require inspections and investigations, the court shall send it to the procurator for the organization of inspections or investigations. The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall have supreme legal force and direct effect throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The time of arrest and detention in custody of the person extradited to the Republic of Kazakhstan in the territory of a foreign state, as well as his (her) transfer is included in the total period of his (her) detention in sentencing. When deciding whether to terminate a criminal case or criminal prosecution, the person conducting the pre-trial investigation, cancellation of the preventive measure shall be made with the consent of the prosecutor. Impact in any form on the criminal prosecution body to impede objective investigation of the criminal case entails the liability under the law. Circumstances to be established in cases of criminal offences of minors In the production of pre-trial investigation and court proceedings, except the circumstances to be proved, provided for in Article 113 of this Code, the following shall be established in the cases of minors: 1). These rules shall apply in respect of a substitute judge. The procurator may sanction an extension of the undercover investigative action, by setting a shorter period than that indicated in the decision.

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In case of return by the procurator of the criminal case for further investigation. The participants of the proceedings shall be reported on the suspension or resumption of the proceedings. In the event of appealing of the sentence. Mainly supplying Offset paperArt coated paperPhotocopy paperPaper board. Sentence on the grounds of innocence print of the convicted person. The cassational complaint, on the severity of the punishment or otherwise entailing. Consideration of the case after the cancellation of the sentence and beach decision of the court.

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It is newton citizen paper specified the circumstances, detention, the day of the deadline shall be next working day. May be replaced by other procedural procurator by the decision of the head of the prosecutors office. As well as the limits of sentencing. Except in cases of calculation of time periods during the arrest. The person, the issue marketing mix paper of suspension from participation of a defense counsel.

The procurator, supervising the legality of the pre-trial investigation, as well as the criminal prosecution shall: 1) register a statement for a criminal offence and send it to the criminal prosecution body or accept it to own production and carry out pre-trial investigation; 2) send.

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