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to the Latrobe River. Health and Human Services Department of (VIC) Disability Information Support - Statewide. Most of the paper machine is simply devoted to getting the moisture content down to around 10 by a series of presses, absorbent felts and heated drums. As with the water licence, the application and licence are public documents and can be obtained from the.P.A. It would appear that the only recourse available to the ordinary citizen and, incidently to the Public Health Commission, is to take out a writ of mandamus to compel the protection agency to perform its public duty. For detailed corporate historical information about Amcor - prior to the corporate separation of Amcor and Paperlinx - click here. The emissions muct not exceed the limits given in the table below: Discharge Point Number Chlorine Rate: kg/hr.324.300.328 Concentration: g/m3.200.200.200 Schedule C Page ethn 4 Chlorine is discharged from (Discharge Point 22) at the rate.045 kg/hr with. Thus the EPA and the Latrobe Valley Board acted prima facie illegally in not summarily revoking APM's amended licence and issuing another licence considered by the Health Commission to be satisfactory. 2.4.2 Conventional Pollutants Chemical pulping is generally much more polluting than papermaking. Yield is high (90-98) as only water-soluble material in the wood is removed. Because chlorine is so reactive, it combines quickly with organic matter to form a variety of very toxic by-products and wastes. The aim in bleaching these pulps is to decolourise the lignin without removing it, and the chemicals hydrogen peroxode and sodium hydrosulphite are commonly used. The agreement runs out in 2030. Has three methods for disposing effluents. As indicated by the minutes of a meeting between EPA and Latrobe Valley Board representatives on, both bodies agreed to virtually all APM's demands, inserting a few words here and there for clarification. Australian Paper have two mills located at Maryvale (Victoria Shoalhaven (NSW). Mr Opas said the minute amounts of mercury that might get into the Latrobe River did not enter a static body of water and it was nonsense to speak of a tonne a year entering the river as if this could be found in one. Loose roadside earthworks (A factor often encountered in Strezlecki roadwork construction is the addition of erodible effects caused by land mobilisation of soils deposited during construction of roadside shoulders leading to formation of roadside fissures). Members of fogb have monitored the outcomes of industry operations from 1996 to present date. Nippon Paper Manufacturers (Australia mill, machine, key Product. The conventional way of removing the residue lignin involves treatment with chlorine or chlorine dioxide, or a combination of both, followed by extraction with alkali. "Paper and paperboard production at the Maryvale's four machines will expand from 425 000 tonnes to 575 000 tonnes. What all of these groups have in common are two benzene rings and chlorine molecules. Of nine other 'suggestions' made by APM, the EPA and Latrobe Valley Board agreed to five, provisionally supported two, and rejected two.

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And consequently the most significant modifications have been aimed mill at reducing the use of chlorine gas. The traditional bleaching agent, eroded our own future viability, these processes remove about half of the lignin in the wood and paper yield 6090 of the original dry mass as pulp. D above, whatapos, they simultaneously pressured the Latrobe Valley Water and Sewerage Board to agree to their demands. Use of the industrial sewer shall continue for the disposal of mercurycontaminated effluents.

Australian Paper has a proud history in local paper manufacturing.Our, maryvale Mill has been located in Victorias Latrobe Valley since 1937 and began making paper in 1938.

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Dioxin is difference between a3 and a4 grid paper often used as a catchall term farragut shopper news paper for three acutely toxic chemical groups. But also contains some bleached softwood fibre and calcium carbonate filler. The total Maryvale mill fresh water usage is only 47 cubic metres per tonne of paper produced or 27 cubic per tonne based on the combined pulp. True dioxins, no explantation for ignoring the commissionapos.

Choice of appropriate pulp or blend of pulps is a complex process which requires considerable expertise.

Since then the site has grown to include 5 paper machines, 3 pulp mills and 2 waste paper recycling plants.
Australian Paper.5 million energy study.

With support from the.
Australian and Victorian Governments, Australian Paper is undertaking.5 million feasibility study to quantify the benefits of energy from waste technology at our.
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Address is 307 Ferntree Gully Road (Private Bag 87) Mt Waverley 3149 Victoria.
Australia Australian Paper is a paper manufacturing company based in, australia.