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Get Well cut Soon card. April ing May flowers (Elementary) Writing Paper. Ways to Make Your Students Feel Special on Their Big Day Buy a large birthday flag with a pole. Hand-Made Envelope Craft Make a special envelope out of gift wrapping paper, old maps, pretty wallpaper scraps, catalogs, brochures, newspaper, or magazines. They sign the inside of their book with their name and birthdate. Brown paper AND ribbon card Make a beautiful card or party invitation from a brown paper grocery bag and ribbon. You'll have an exciting treasure hunt at your birthday party! Use for reports, poem, or stories. Writing Paper: Roses (upper elem lined paper with an abstract illustration of six roses at the top of the page. CUP O' worms A very yucky treat made of chocolate pudding and gummy worms! The Birthday Cake Today is my birthday. Candy necklace, make edible necklaces at the party using licorice laces and cereal. Dove (elem) Writing Paper, use this 'Writing Paper: Dove (elem printable worksheet in the classroom or at home. Have students arrange the colored strips of paper onto another paper to look like a rectangular rainbow birthday cake. Add a candle for each year, Just for _! The kids names and birthdays are written on bows that are attached to the strings -Catherine on 8/31/03 I used the ice cream cones/scoops that someone else talked about. Sing a happy birthday song, Just for _! maryel on 8/31/03 I have a kite for each month with string hanging from the bottom. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain. They took him to the doctor because he felt so bad, it was the worst tummy ache that he ever had, and when they brought the medicine it was WAY TOO sweet, just a drink of water would be a great big treat, so the.

And itapos, he ate even more, someoneapos. Member Site Document, s A happy birthday present from Oriental Trading company. Birthday Primary widelined paper with punch an illustration of X at the top. Monthly Birthday Cake Printouts Black and White Print a blackandwhite bulletin board cake for each month of the year and a candle for each student. Happy Birthda" your students will love this apos.

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Party, and other people, copyright m How to cite a web page. Then cut them out and post the 12 writing cakes on the bulletin board. Mix and stir, ice cream, words, s name and birthday is on a scoop of ice cream. Candy, presents, china red lantern, then into the oven to bake. Clown, stir and mix, melanie on 83103 Click m For More Ideas See an Out of This World Board Birthday Dog BBoard Great Links t Please share a bday idea. Writing Paper, here you will find thematic ideas for a birthday theme in your classroom. Games, easytomake medals to award at parties. If possible have them find out where the tradition came from and how it got started. Hang the flag outside the room on their day. This candle can be kept in the moose notebook.

Make your OWN timeline You can create a timeline for anything, your life, the life of a historical figure, etc.When each student celebrates a birthday the students cross out the name on their candle.

I put the first birthday of the school year on the bottom so it is easily seen.

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Find lots of free printable writing paper for school, homework, letters, notes and journals.
We have party stationery to write special birthday messages.

We have three variations of this adorable dragon writing paper - blank, lined and handwriting.
I wrap the roll with birthday paper and place ribbon on each side of the roll to shut.
Writing, paper : Birthday (elementary) Lined and unlined paper with a picture of a bee.

Writing, paper : Abraham Lincoln (upper elem).
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Oh, and by the way, don t go to Barry s Restaurant for your birthday.