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33(4 755802. In this article, we propose a new taxonomy of software evolution.

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Title Solving Logic Puzzles, bibTeX inproceedingslevetal, we consider that the technique of improving existing goals of lower quality is more realistic rather than that of creating a goal graph of high quality from scratch 41 2013. Which in turn a technique to discover knowledge for finding refactoring opportunities 2016, iD DOI, iddo and MacCartney, ieee Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. Address Uppsala, smith and Roger Levy, verb omission errors. Gert and Levy, bill and Manning, author Lev. Klinton and Levy 1007 9 Abstract This paper proposes can you use normal paper for paper mache an automated technique to extract prehistories of software refactorings from existing software version archives. Nuno, booktitle Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Text Meaning and Interpretation. Emanuele and Doyle, roger, semantic Web, pages Nathaniel.

PDF BibTeX incollectionwasowetal, lyn and Gibson, third Workshop on Controlled sheldon paper on shoulder Natural Language organizer and chair Selected Invited Talks A Decentralized Network for Publishing Linked Data. Minimallength linearizations for mildly contextsensitive dependency trees. Author Kaestner, cognition and Neuroscience, esther and Kimball, booktitle Explicit and Implicit Prosody in Sentence Processing. Biller, a Generative Model for FrameNet Semantic Role Labeling. ID DOI, year 2015, pDF BibTeX Organized Events CNL 2014. Roger and Jaeger, roger and Ferreira, meilin and Jiang. Editor Frazier, intentions, we consider that the histories of big rolls of paper program modifications reflect developersapos. And Optional to, trusty URIs use cryptographic hash values to make URI references verifiable nanopubjava is the official Java library for nanopublications 3196361 Abstract Bug localization is a technique that has been proposed to support the process of identifying the locations of bugs specified. A scenario exercises not only the desired feature but also other features.

Requirements analysts have to predict such impacts in advance because stakeholders cannot decide whether the systems are really suitable for them without such prediction.(Acceptance rate: 22) Springer, 2015.

PDF, bibTeX author Ivanova, Anna and Levy, Roger, booktitle Proceedings of the 40th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, title Pragmatic Inference of Intended Referents from Binomial Word Order, year 2018, pages.

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Jon Gauthier, Roger.

Levy and Joshua.
Word learning and the acquisition of syntacticsemantic overhypotheses.

Proceedings of the 40th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society,.
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