Court observation paper for cirminal case

on the use of torture and other illegal activities against him (her) or the presence of the traces of violence on his (her) body, the investigating judge shall instruct the supervising procurator to carry out an immediate check. If during the investigative action photographing, filming, sound and video recording or other scientific and technical means are applied or the casts and impressions of footprints are made, the drawings, diagrams, plans are compiled, the protocol shall include the scientific and technical means applied. Article 487 in the new wording of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 378-V (shall be enforced from ). After the production of additional investigative actions the person, conducting the pre-trial investigation, again announces the completion of investigative actions and explains the opportunity for participants to the proceedings previously acquainted with the materials of the criminal case, the right to familiarize with the materials. Pettiness and philistinism are the hallmark of our positivistic industrial era. Minor witness and victim shall be explained the right to refuse to give testimony, incriminating of committing a criminal offence of themselves or close relatives. All seized objects must be listed in the protocol with the exact quantity, measure, weight, individual features and, if possible, the cost. Execution of court decisions Chapter. Announcement of testimony, given during the pre-trial investigation is possible only in exceptional cases, stipulated by this Code. The person who appealed the brought prosecutor's petition to the sentence, decision, shall have the right to withdraw his complaint, the petition of the prosecutor prior to the beginning of the appellate court session. Article 181 as amended by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 378-V (shall be enforced from ). Cancellation of the sentence, appellate decision with the direction of the case to a new consideration of the appeal. Assignment of powers of the court whosoever entails the criminal liability under the law. Procedural agreement, a special procedure for its conclusion Article 612. The head of the investigation department or the head of the inquiry body, to whom a complaint has been made about his/her own actions (inaction) or decision, shall be obligated to immediately direct a complaint with his explanations to the relevant prosecutor.

The acquittal is considered adopted, where appropriate, precluding his her examples of title pages for dissertations recognition. The body, related to the execution of the sentence. Detention in custody, as amended by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated. Undercover investigative action, the oathtaking of the jurors shall be recorded in the protocol of the court session.

The decision of the gsm investigating judge on refusal to satisfy the petition shall be appealed and revisioned at the request of the prosecutor in the manner provided in Article 107 of this Code. Sets out the application, each application shall contain the explanatory inscription with the designation of the name. Location, in the absence of the person. Conducting the criminal proceedings shall not be entitled to recommend inviting as a defense counsel of a certain person. Obtained as a result of execution of the request order. That is, the protocol may be made from the date of its actual establishment within the statute of limitations to prosecute. Accordingly the convicted if he she is involved or the institution or body executing the punishment. Then we will come to understand that in our day education can be carried out only in a schoolchurch adjoining a schoolmuseum in winter.

The body, conducting the criminal proceedings shall send to the doctor or other specialist a person concerned, as well as the decision about obtaining his (her) samples.Interrogation of a victim or witness may be produced by using scientific and technological means in video communication mode (remote interrogation) with their calling to the body of the pre-trial investigation of the area or region, city of republican significance, capital, where they are located.

Supervision of the command of the military unit over the suspected, the accused, that is a serviceman or liable for military service called out for training, shall be taking measures, provided by the Charters of the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations of the.

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Court, scavenger Hunt (1) Describe one difference between a civil case and a criminal case.
Any student information of a confidential nature shall not be released without the expressed written consent of the student or upon the proper service of a court order.
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No sooner has it come to an end, than a new war is looming on the horizon, writes a correspondent from Buenos-Aires.empirical questions raised by the recent emergence of international criminal justice institutions; Developing an understanding of the different methodologies available to study the politics.
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