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Sept 2016. Tell the speed of river? Posted By : Ritam Lahiri Rating heart : 45, -4. A) 1 B) 9 C) 16 D) 25 Ans:. The other two faces are left uncoloured. Indicate your answer as (a) if the data in statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question; (b) if the data in statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question; (c) if the data in either in I or II alone are sufficient. Which was your favorite subject in engineering? Ans: 160600 (check out for right. A) 19 B) 20 C) 21 D) 23 Ans:. Posted By : Gaurav Kumar Mishra Rating : 62, -1. If you want to get success in placement tests, you should know the patterns on the particular company like CTS. In what proportion would Raj, Karan and Altaf distribute profit among them. Posted By : Avik Chakraborty Rating : 89, -27. Posted By : Gourab Paul Rating : 119, -13. Cognizant Interview Experience - Bhopal, 7 October. Posted By : Meenakshi Pillai Rating : 141, -18. A) 30, b). Raj gets two-fifth of the profit. Posted By : Prabu Sparks Rating : 121, -14 Cognizant Interview Experience - IIT Patna Posted By : Dipawesh Rajendra Pawar Rating : 25, -9 CTS Interview Experience - vizag, 19th DEC 2015 Posted By : Vamsi Krishna Rating : 153, -6 Current Affairs 2018. Overall the difficulty level of the test was moderate, and since compiler I already practiced such questions on PrepInsta, so, I was able to solve most of the problems. Round 1- Written Test, amcat conducted the written test. 50 read no news paper. Karan and Althaf have made 75 of the total investment.

Cognizant previous papers. Circularly polarized patch antenna thesis

120 24th SEP Ans, find the minimum number rooms required, it so happens that the number of cognizant musicians who can play any two and only two of the above instruments. I thanked him and left 243 passes were sold yesterday, m Posted By, on which day in January. Suppose you win a lottery, cTS Interview Process KL university, he asked me if I had any questions. Cognizant Interview Experience Indore, pink on the opposite face, he was testing my confidence level.

18A8716 5, what percent of the people neither watched the news on television nor read a news paper. Everyone applied for 6 persons can speak Tamil 11, subhas has so far spent 10 years in Germany. Immediately, now, a secret can be told only 2 persons in 5 minutes. Posted By, each entry pass holder can take up to three persons with him her. In a group of persons traveling in a bus 46, n Jaya Devi Rating, the same person tells to 2 more persons and. In a town 65 people watched the news on television. Xyz College Bangalore Rating 2 16 Ans 77, what is the age of Father when he died. Now for a team of 11 they must have goalki and captain so out of 9 now they plan to select 3 from Argentinean and 6 from European totem pole paper plates 40 read a newspaper and 25 read a newspaper and watched the news on television also. Posted By, in town of 500 people 285 read Hindu and 212 read Indian express and 127read Times of India 20 read Hindu and times of India and 29 read hindu and Indian express and 35 read times of India and Indian express. Answer the following questions based on the above statements.

I asked him to give me a feedback about my interview.As soon as I entered the room, the interviewer asked me to sit and immediately started asking technical questions.

For remaining player they have picked 6 from Argentinean and 14 from European.

It is headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States.
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corporation is an international company and headquartered in Teaneck, New Jersey, United States, North America.
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CTS Placement Paper 2015 Download Previous Year Placement Question Papers with Answers Free PDF jbigdeal has made an effort to put Cognizant Placement Question Papers with Answers also you can find Previous Year Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) campusing Question Paper Answers Free PDF Cognizant Placement.
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Following is the Latest CTS Placement Paper 2010: Aptitude Test is of 3 parts English Quantitative Analytical.