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are to be handed over to the Invigilator of the Examination Hall/Room at the end. Tom capital.70,000 Jerrys capital.50,000. Click Here, download CPT Question Paper with Answer Key December 2015. A company has forfeited 3,000 equity shares.10 each. 100 (d) It cannot be sued by a third party. D) An increase in net profit. (a) Question 13: Which of the following is not an implied condition in a contract of sale?

Which of the following is not a form of delivery. It is aan a uncertain agreement bwagering paper agreement c contingent contract d valid agreement. Outgoing partner is compensated for parting with firms future profits in favour of remaining partners.

CA, cPT, mercantile, law, model, questions - 40 Questions with Answers in PDF format.A contract is discharged by rescission which means the (a) change in one.

Candidates can evaluate their answers by applying the exam scheme before. You can navigate yourself and top final paper topppics avail the desired information. Y and Z are partners, so there are some minor mistakes in Question paper and Answer key.

Download Here Important Articles For CPT Students Download CPT Study Material June 2017 Download CPT Mock Test Papers June 2017 CPT Registration Last Date For June 2017 Still Any issues regarding CA CPT Answer Key June 2018, CPT December 2017 solution/answer sheet download link?B) 30,000 a) 90,000 c) 60,000 d) 75,000 54)Mf.

B) Reserves c) Accumulated Profits.

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