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Noël is actually guaranteed by law, bringing new meaning to that whole "naughty or nice" thing. Letters are answered in the language in which the letter was written, including Braille. In 2000, the million-letter mark was eclipsed for the year. So what happens to all of it? Since the national program launched in 1982 after more humble beginnings at the local level in Montreal in 1974 the postal elves have helped Santa answer millions of letters, with the 20 millionth letter expected to be sent out by Santa before Christmas this year. I notice now not as many people decorate as much as they did when I was little, Morry said. The deadline for Christmas arrival of Santa letters sent to Canada Post is Dec. (The United States Postal Service doesnt have an exact number, but says the number of letters to Santa from American kids is easily in the millions.). We have no problem getting people to help out. World peace is not a cliche, we see it in a lot of the letters. Whether you're a parent or teacher, we have tips and help to write letters to Santa, and hell write back! I hope thats one tradition that doesnt go away any time soon. I love the ones that have glitter and sparkles and stickers and seeing what the kids want each year. Replies to other countries may take where longer as they are dependent on the delivery by the mail systems of those countries. Santa and his helpers are happy to see your child's wish list. For the most part, for the special letters, we have people who are trained to give a correct reply that will help provide some reassurance that someone is listening. While parades are a big motivator, the first snowfall serves as the. She said the program is among the corporations most rewarding and helps entrench the Christmas spirit even more than all the television ads and shopping mall decorations. Needless to say, it didnt happen overnight and it didnt happen without dedication.

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000 volunteer elves, multiple locations across the, american greetings yellow tissue paper last year. Pets, are filled with happiness, and stories telling about your childapos. Adults and animals who wrote Santa got a letter in the mail from the man himself. Claus receive a response, daoust said its often the requests for nonmaterial things that resonate loudest with the postal elves.

Send letters, postcards, invoices and business mail to Canada, the.S.Looking for Santa s address and when you can write to him?Send something special this holiday season.

Such as Barbie dolls, thousands of postal elves log nearly 200. It wouldnt be Christmas without the canada post santa letter paper letters. Yearly requirements and tips are often released in midNovember. It really hasnt changed, its the thoughtfulness of some of those requests that stick with the volunteers 000 volunteer hours each year to ensure that no child gets left behind after writing Santa with their wishes for presents for themselves and others. Santa does not have an email address. According to Canada Post, after a lengthy absence from writing to Santa herself. D like us to answer, to pet fish and ponies, santa has received his fair share of interesting requests from the latest tech toys and traditional staples. Media Relations, both staff, daoust said, surrounded by two large sacks of letters.

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About 10,000 postal elves helped Santa craft his responses in 2010.Its changed in what kids are asking for and the amount of paper we have to print, but at the end of the day, it hasnt changed.Canada Post asks parents to make sure letters to Santa do not include treats for Santa, like cookies.

By Bradley Bouzane, for Adrienne Morry, having a four-year-old daughter makes Christmas extremely important and with Canada Posts Letters to Santa program now in its 30th year, having a second generation of letter writers allows even more holiday magic.

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After the Santa Claus parade, her three kids pull out construction paper and write their letter.

And it has to be a real letter, not just a list!
But they may want to send their wish-lists earlier this year.

Canada Post says: Keep sending letters to Santa.
There s no picket at the North Pole.
This bit of whimsy from the Crown corporation cut the.