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paper heart flowe we wrote in chapter. Function eatOne(match, amount, unit) amount Number(amount) - 1; if (amount 1) unit ice(0, unit. Previous chapter, contents, cover, next chapter At various points in the previous chapters, we had to look for patterns in string values. Their test method returns a boolean indicating whether the given string matches the expression. The replacements object is a quick way to associate each character with its escaped version. There are cases where the pattern you need to match against is not known while you are writing the code. Var datePattern /d1,2/dd?/d4 show born (mother Spot White Fang".search(datePattern The pieces /d1,2/ and /dd?/ both express 'one or two digits'. Length - 1 else if (amount 0) unit unit "s amount "no return amount " " unit; var stock "1 lemon, 2 cabbages, and 101 eggs stock place d) (w g, eatOne print(stock. Say we are writing a (very simple-minded) obscenity filter for a message board. return new Date(Number(found3 Number(found2) - 1, Number(found1 show(extractDate born 5/2/2007 (mother Noog Long-ear Johnson This version is slightly longer than the previous one, but it has the advantage of actually checking what it is doing, and shouting out when it is given nonsensical input. Now that we are aware of the existence of regular expressions, we can use the match method instead. This was a lot harder without regular expressions it would have taken a lot of calls to indexOf to find out whether the numbers had one or two digits, and whether the dashes were in the right places. When building a string to hold the pattern, you have to be careful with backslashes. 1 is replaced by the text that matched against the first pair of parentheses, 2 by the second, and so on, up. They form a small, separate language, which is embedded inside JavaScript (and in various other programming languages, in one way or another). For a start, they allow some of their elements to match more than a single character. There are a few shortcuts for sets of characters that are needed often. But there is one more way to replace pieces of a string, which can also be useful in some other tricky situations. The arguments given to the function are the matched elements, similar to the values found in the arrays returned by match: The first one is the whole match, and after that comes one argument for every parenthesized part of the pattern. And - (dot and dash while the last part of the address, the country code after the last dot, may only contain alphanumeric characters, and must be two or three characters long. For this, the special characters and can be used. The first matches the start of the string, the second the end. For example, we have a big string containing the names of people, one name per line, in the format "Lastname, Firstname". An i, here, means the expression is case-insensitive, which allows the lower-case B in the pattern to match the upper-case one in the string.

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We want to swap these names. When pole given a string, lt" which does the same thing. Amp" this function looks for something that follows the date format we saw earlier.

The way regular expressions use characters to express patterns makes them A very short. Picasso, var digits new RegExp d showdigits. If we have our word list as an array. A Notice phd the g character after the regular expression. quot; evolution var pattern new RegExpin" When using and, it is not a very readable language big regular expressions tend to be completely unreadable. So it is a good idea to always escape them with a backslash 1 when you use them to refer to the actual characters. Monkey" normally, vincent printplace w w g," Var names" and B very hard to read 2 1 The 1 and 2 the replacement string refer to the parenthesized parts in the pattern. Gorilla" pablonGauguin, backslashes are removed when a string is interpreted. Because, test The bs at the start and end of the pattern make sure that the second string does not match.

We could add b patterns around the words, so that the thing about grapes would not be classified as unacceptable.A question mark (?) makes an element 'optional' it can occur zero or one times.The code b matches a 'word boundary which can be punctuation, white-space, or the start or end of the string.

But, it is a useful tool, and can really simplify string-processing programs.

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After the closing slash, options may be added to a regular expression.

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