Circularly polarized patch antenna thesis

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This bachelor thesis deals with a circularly - polarized substrate-integrated-waveguide cavity-backed microstrip patch antenna.The first part dedicates basic theoretical knowledge of microstrip patch antennas such as patch shape, the.

Circularly polarized patch antenna thesis

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This masters thesis introduces to the reader with a modern antenna type the microstrip patch antennas.
The most common types of microstrip antennas and their parameters and feeding methods are introduced in the theoretical section of this.
The thesis deals with the research of microstrip patch antennas and antenna arrays fed by a substrate integrated waveguide (SIW).

Exploiting an SIW structure for microstrip patch antenna feeding combines the benefits of both structures.
Bakalářská práce se zabývá kruhově polarizovanou mikropáskovou flíčkovou anténou s dutinovým rezonátorem.

První část se věnuje základním teoretickým poznatkům o mikropáskových flíčkových anténách, jako je tvar flíčku, možnosti jeho buzení.
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Inhibiting characteristics of single patch antennawith low gain and narrow band leads to the research area to have array configuration.