Drying weed in paper bag

bends and does not snap or crack then it is a pretty good indication that there is still moisture within the bud. The buds will compress at this time. . It is harder to cut off the fan leaves when they are dry. . For instance, if you live in the desert, drying will be faster than if you lived in the tropics. Put about 3 inches of buds into the bottom of a bag and roll the top over as though it were a lunch bag. Paper bags can impart a funky flavor into your buds and theyre also capable of absorbing moisture too quickly and, because they are permeable to air, drying everything out too quickly and leaving you with bad tasting and poorly burning nuggets. This is simply the way I. Once the buds have dried on the flats, put them into paper bags. I then place the buds on empty cardboard beer flats in a dark and dry area so they may continue to slowly dry. Heres what I do: * Once the plants are mature and ready for harvest, cut the plants down and hang them upside down in dark dry area. I've found that nugs kept in jars for 6 months cure well and taste great, however nugs sealed in jars for over a year are incredible. For this step, you will need a cool dark place with no humidity. . (Curing can take another couple of months.). The first step after harvesting your plants is to hang them upside down letting the fan leaves bow over the buds. . If you wait, you will get even better smelling and tasting buds. .

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I heard of another method similar to the above method. It can and will mould and spoil in the freezer if you are not certain everything is absolutely ready for number this type of storage. Repeat until dry, the buds should be a little moist. Fluff, then you can vacuum seal and store the jars away in a safe and dark location for a rainy day. Watch the buds to see if they become wet again or the bag sweats after leaving them in the plastic. The first thing you do is to loosely load the jar and screw on the lid. Hang them until they are dry on the outside and the stems crack instead of bending.

While there is several ways of drying bud if your interested in the bag method this is how ive always done it, after cutting the plant, manicure and remove the buds and then place buds straight in to a paper bag and open the bag.After the marijuana buds are trimmed (and a little moist still) you would want to dry them some more in the paper bag step.The best choice would be the brown shopping bags found at a supermarkets, because they are not bleached (the stuff you don t want in your buds) this is another tricky step.

Drying weed in paper bag

Check the buds every texas tech online phd systems engineering day semantic web ieee papers to watch for signs of mold and mildew as this would need to be corrected immediately. Put them into the plastic bag. Again, there is no need to scrunch the top of the bag. Do yourself a favor and get some sealable glass jars to cure and store your buds. Again you can gently squeeze the buds to ensure they are dry in the middle. At this point when everything is bone dry.

Now, if you want you can use a seal-a-meal product and suck the air out, this is the time to. .Remember to dry at an even pace.Otherwise, just put the buds in baggies (I like the gallon size squeeze out the air and store in a closet or similar cool, dark space.

Then, chop off all the excess branches and leaves and put the buds into glass jars.

You want them to be almost all the way or all the way dry before you put them in the jars, if you put them in too moist it will take forever to dry the rest of the way out, if it will at all.
I used to hang them to dry, but for various reasons I decided to dry them in the paper bags this time.

Flattened buds bothers a bit, but the thing of main concern is the potency.
Drying marijuana (and curing it) is the final step of our cultivating sequence.
It is a 3-step process which is necessary in creating buds which smoke great, are easy on the lungs and have the best possible taste.

Re: Drying, Curing, and Storage (Paper Bag, method) If you fully dry the plants and go back every few days for the first week to burp the moisture out of the mason jars then I think it could possibly work.
Paper bags arent the ideal way to cure up your buds.