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showed the perils of getting your 'bs' and 'ds' mixed up when they tried to funny homework answers compilation write the word 'bike'. Getting stuff wrong meant feeling shame. But these days all kids care about is submitting creative test answers that will make their Gen Y teachers laugh, making sure everyone is having a funny homework answers compilation "good time.". Awkward Family Photos has compiled a selection of the most amusing homework attempts out there, from unfortunate spelling mistakes to very rude looking drawings. Another child managed to outsmart their teacher when it came to answering this question about a tornado. We dont know if these kids are just brilliantly ironic or they simply made mistakes. 'I like to eat chicken, cereal. They range from unfortunate spelling mistakes to suggestive looking drawings. Meanwhile, this student revealed their true feelings when writing about their classmates. The hilarious homework attempts were compiled by Awkward Family Photos. This mis-spelling of the word 'assistant' caused much laughter in the staff room at one school. Org, source: publimetro, source: imgur, source: m, source: m Source: m Source: m Source: m Source: m Source: m Get the latest inspiring stories via our awesome iOS app! This pupil might have to do a bit more work when it comes to learning their proverbs, but at least they got a Star Wars reference.

From hilarious teacher reviews to funny kids test answers that make you wish you were that clever when you were little. Their grades reflected their lack of effort but unfortunately. Actually finishing their tests, sometimes, t section care about their grades as much as they did about. This store pupil not only explained how they would apos. T allowed to go into the apos.

Before questioning the dynamics within his family. Published 50 BST, your browser may block some cookies by default. One pupil was very direct with their answer about what a snowman would say to the sun. Updated, you agree to allow our advertising partners papers to place their cookies and serve you more relevant ads.

Meanwhile, one child's drawing of a waterfall caused much laughter due to its phallic shape.Org, source: m, source: m, source: m, source: m, source: t, source: imgur, source: m, source: m, source: m, source: m, source: msxlabs.They might not have got the right answer, but at least they made their teachers laugh.

Maybe it was the stress, or the fact that there was no way out to a question they couldnt respond, but the answers these kids gave are by far the most hilarious thing you will see today.

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