Grad school chemistry phd

are given chemistry the chance to succeed and to benefit from one-on-one advice from professors during their education (Source: The Wire ). What I mean is this: just about anyone can do a Western blot or run a PCR. This list is not comprehensive, but gives a view into the dimensions that a PhD has to offer. With that said, lets go into this article-which is written by Michelle Capes, along with 2 other PhDs who offer their perspective. At this point in the conversation Im already put off. Learner personalities love to expand and grow, which is encouraged in the industry. I decided to ask couple of my colleagues about their thoughts on this question before weighing in with comments of my own. If you are-it is for the wrong reasons) A great example of this is the purported stem shortage touted by the Obama administration. The job market, be it in academia or industry, just cant support such a top-heavy pool of candidates, and there are plenty of embittered, unemployed, or underemployed PhDs to prove. Be proud of your accomplishment and move on: a defeatist attitude will not get you a job. I agree that grad schools need to promote and prepare students for a broader spectrum of professional opportunities. Candidate X has told me a whole lot of things about him-/herself that are not conducive to getting a job at Y Biotech. It was during the PhD program that I got my first experience doing many of the things that I now offer as services through my business, including grant writing and editing, writing articles, and mentoring. However, there is more to the picture as well. As they begin their job hunt, they run up against the overqualified, inexperienced wall with a resounding thud. Getting my PhD ensured that I was trained to think as a scientist. (In fact, when my first set of business cards arrived without my credentials, they were immediately re-ordered at the supervisors request.) Now that I have launched my own business venture, I realize that the network I built during graduate school and my postdoc is priceless. Lets re-visit the original question: Is a PhD Worth It? There are so many more opportunities out there that capitalize on your PhD training! These years have set me apart from other colleagues who have a PhD. And Im back (Michelle Capes). Did you organize seminars or conferences? Would I do it again? Education is about a lot more than getting a particular job.

I am often asked whether my PhD was worth. Candidate X calls to morristown tn paper inquire about a position with Y Biotech Company. Let alone career development 247365 inthelab type of person, and pointing out the drawbacks of pursuing a PhD in other fields. The agency prided itself on scientists recruiting scientists.

Grad school chemistry phd

If you apply yourself to networking and distinguishing yourself from the herd. She is no stranger to the frustrations of the job hunt. Candidate X will exploit valuable company resources and training to get the critical 12 years of industry experience that every job description seems to require. Serving on spe antec tech papers a committee to organize biotech events in the community. There are too many biomedical PhDs.

The most surprising element of my training which has given me the best advantage?Follow the Office of Graduate Studies.Im proud of that.

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Some may look back 5 years or even 10 years post-PhD and say it was definitely worth.