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a cootie body part they already have, their turn is over. The first player begins by drawing a line, circle, or other piece of a picture. Dots and Boxes ends when there are not more lines that can be placed. Find a heavy box with a lid you can close. Players take turns adding a single horizontal or vertical line between two un-joined adjacent dots. Players roll a die to complete their bug. If you have little time to play or are just learning how to play, try a 22 box. Begin by writing clues on small folded slips of paper. A 55 thesis box works well for experts. It was actually played in ancient Egypt around 1300.C.E., and the Romans played a version as well. Sometimes it is too hot or too cold to play outside. Pass around a dictionary and each player in turn chooses a word the meaning of which they believe the other players do not know. Older children will enjoy an evening game played outside in the dark have the person playing It carry a flashlight for safety.

Hangman challenges players to complete the spelling of a word games to play pen and paper before a drawing of a hangman games to play pen and paper is finished. But beware, if the hangman is completed before guesses provide the correct word or phrase. The clash of two experienced tictactoe players will often result in a stalemate. Cooked rice or spaghetti Seeds from a fresh pumpkin A piece of fruit apple. After a player gets the body and head.

Games that you play with only pen and paper can be just as fun as modern, high-tech games.Learn about five fun games you play with pen and paper.

Hide and Seek works with children of any age. Building, animals Expressing an emotion Letter Plants trees or flowers Yoga positions Dance Party Another fun musical game is to have a phd dance party. Homes, like a 1000 word puzzle, players can ask questions and you can offer a clue if you wish. Some good choices are the shapes. And forts with anything available, our list of fun games to play at home includes suggestions for every age and level of capability. For indoor hide and seek, have fun building castles, or take a great amount of time. For older children, construction sites, rule 7 No begging for goods or services. You may wish to set a limit on the areas in which they hide. The player who completes the fourth side of a 11 box earns one point and gets another turn.

Outline puzzle pieces on the finished pictures, cut them out, and have each child put together either their own or another childs puzzle.The winner is the player who identifies the most substances and objects.Word Whiz A dictionary game for older children, word whiz can be played indefinitely.

Whether you have a family of all ages or just one child, our selection of fun games to play at home has a game perfect for you.

Keep kids engaged with fun and simple games that only require paper and pencil (or a couple colored pens).
These games will challenge kids and keep them entertained for hours.
Heads Bodies and Legs.

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You can play this simple game on any type of paper, from a Post-it to a napkin.
IStockphoto/ Thinkstock Tic-tac-toe is an old standby in the pen - and - paper game category - make that a really, really old standby.