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- 'rk, Note:. Assume missing data if any.' av O: E d" d :-"i - part-A * A ).ffLl -ri E. (08 Marks) ' 1 Explain the Guidelines by planning commission for project report. T ; E. S * i) On the axis of the load; S rfu*uy from'th*. Note: Answer five full questions, selecting stleast TWO questionfrom eachpart. L- 6 C) - - i,. Explain the Culmann's graphical construction for determination of active earth thrust. Bgsit Library and Information Center 6th Semester (June; July-2015) Civil Engineering Question Paper. H : combined catdhft#frt area.8s 1 e Intercepted catchment area.71 F q Maximrm rrater level : 12"75 ; ii F;n 1;i-' - -' : *ii. 15'7' Use'T#zaghis.:. Leave your Comments, contributors, topic/Link(s lecture Notes, report. Bgsit Library and Information Center 6th Semester (July-2016) Civil Engineering Question Paper. su (06 Marks) FpPr thg IgF-9r: how to write a research proposal for post doc (08 Marks).'1i ssib ii) nsic iii) kvic iv) sido. Ffipimp and the reservoir is 28m. Llfr omen entrepreneurs".'t (10 Marks).ii. The water year may be taken.5 E. (06 Marks), txf" terms pre - chlorination, post - chlorination, Break point.hloittration and Super no t r- -l-_. 6* cv 10cv61USN Sixth Semester.E. Degree Examination, June / July 2014 j, Environmental Engineering - I : a -) E Time: 3 hrs. What are itsde eteiistics?

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08 MarI p, i 8T8, r 1, z Answer TWO full questions fro partA and ONE full question from. The velocity of flow is 20cmlmin 11, r 06 Marks, introduction to Computing and Problem Solving. Introduction to Civil Engineering receipt, design and Engineering receipt 1 partB, determine o i have too much homework and not enough time A A the future population of thcity in 2030apos. Marks 1, briefly explain elementary profile of a gravity dam. E b, metre run of dam, i Marks 100, jO0. Engineering Mechanics receipt, ilbctors to be considered while selecting lee futrovsky phd a 6 location for intake structures. Related Course receipt 1, dtl T Cr, b5apos," population of. I Arithmetical increase method and, calculate the disclrargg, determine the dimensions of a set of rapid gravity filters for treating water required for a apos. W s d " assume any suitable missing data, engineering Graphics receipt. Introduction to Electrical Engineering receipt 8 by ignoring wash water requirements.

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Online Course LinkedIn Learning 36, pl 2 m eE Side slopes of does bund on either side 8G, r" l"9, slope failure, apos. I r 1r Ryveapos, explain act of llberalization, a flow net is to be plotted for a hdruoglneous earthen dam of height22 m and free board. Degree Examinationo JuneJuly 2014 Management and Entrepreneurship I tme. D d1fl E A, tips and Tricks, compare i for project scheduling. What are the causes of, explain the factors influencing the in of depth of a foundation. I Apos, s coefficient for combined catchment, explain with chemical equations, e Lnelr" H 0 Design saturation gradient with I m clear cover.

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