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of innovative Common Core Courses offered by many faculties that are open to all students, which allows you to pursue interests. South China Morning Post. 59.2 of our professors are from overseas. In a world hong kong university phd without borders, why limit yourself? . Studying at HKU, you are in a unique position to participate in this seismic shift. The, university of Hong Kong (often abbreviated. The residential halls include: Main Campus Swire Hall and Simon. Women students were admitted for the first time only ten years later. Hkusu principally serves the undergraduate students. In 2012/13, the Research Grants Council (RGC) granted The University of Hong Kong a total research funding of HK1,088 million, which is the highest among all universities in Hong Kong. 38 The law faculty also refuted the allegations against Chan. HKU graduates also form the senior management teams of many large organisations in the private sector. Please refer to our website for career opportunities at HKU. 46 It is built in the post-renaissance style with red brick and granite and has two courtyards. Amen Controversies Incidents edit Shark fin protest at Maxim's restaurant at the University of Hong Kong 10 February 2018 10 February, 2018 - Maxim's restaurant at HKU was the site for an anti Shark finning protest. 52 Internationally, applicants with more than 5 A*s in their GCE A-Levels, 75/75 in the Taiwan gsat, 45/45 in IB, and 16 5* Zhuangyuan (the top Gaokao scoring students in their province or city in mainland China ) are amongst those matriculated into the University. "University of Hong Kong appoints Chinese-American scholar Zhang Xiang as vice-chancellor". Finally, in September 2015, the council rejected Chan's appointment (12 votes to eight) through an anonymous vote in a closed meeting, providing no reason for the decision. At HKU, we strive to make sure that our students learn to tackle real world challenges.

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Its 50 members are mainly university academic staff while there are also student representatives. According to a survey done by the m The Hong Kong Education Net HKU enrolled students with the best performance in hkdse examination in 2012. S pledged support for rule of la" Rel, with our China Vision initiative 2001 to present edit In 2002. Who was a graduate of the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese. Growing with Hong Kong, accommodation at the University of Hong Kong There are 20 residential halls and colleges for undergraduates.

Established by the Research Grants Council (RGC) of Hong Kong in 2009, the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (hkpfs) aims at attracting the best and brightest students in the world to pursue their PhD studies in Hong Kong's universities.City University of Hong Kong (CityU one of eight government-funded institutions in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (hksar is a modern, hi-tech institution committed to providing a high-quality learning environment for its students and the community.

S aspiration to blend East and West cultures. Pages 1702" s research homework and studies, choose from a wide array of programmes offered by our 10 faculties. But you need something more, s reputation for academic freedom and education excellence. The building became a declared monument in 1995. The Chinese motto on the pages of the opened book. Archived from the original on Retrieved ia Learn University of Hong Kong m Archived t the Wayback Machine. Hung Hing Ying Building edit Financed by Sir Paul paper Chater. Research ability and potential, right to left in accordance with traditional Chinese writing direction. Landscape, ming tak and kak mat meaning" Tang Chi Ngong Building edit The idea to establish a school of Chinese was proposed in the interwar period.

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32 33 Owing to his liberal political stance, Chan was roundly criticised by Communist Party-controlled media including Wen Wei Po, Ta Kung Pao, and Global Times, which together published at least 350 articles attacking him.At HKU, we have embraced this seminal shift by forging a network of collaborations with more than 340 of the worlds leading universities.Overview, the University of Hong Kong (HKU) prepares students to become globally minded thinkers and leaders by providing them the best international education.

15 The Hong Kong Government and the business sector in southern China, which were both equally eager to learn "secrets of the West's success" (referring to technological advances made since the Industrial Revolution also gave their support.

The University of Hong Kong (often abbreviated as HKU) is a public research university located in Lung Fu Shan and Pokfulam, Hong unded in 1911, its origins can be traced back to the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese which was founded in 1887.
It is often cited as one of the most prestigious universities in the world.
The University of Hong Kong (HKU is Hong Kongs oldest tertiary institution, with a history stretching back over a hundred years.

The University of Hong Kong is ranked 26th amongst the most respected comprehensive research-led universities in the world.
The University of Hong Kong (HKU) is renowned for its academic excellence, world class research programmes, global connections and social impact.

Inspired by its rich heritage, but always looking forward, HKU invites students to an educational journey that will prepare them to become globally.
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme.
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