How to cplace the paper into the cassete

print is performed, and the tape (or fabric the ribbon) is wound on the paper core. After inserting the cassette into cassete the printer, the paper information registration screen for thecassette is displayed on the LCD.

How to cplace the paper into the cassete. Daily paper jobs 2018 peshawar

More delivery information, the remaining quantities of the tape cassettes and fabric ribbon how to cplace the paper into the cassete cassettes are shown in the main screen on the LCD. This document is helpful, the remaining quantity can also be estimated by checking the markings on the tape cassette and fabric ribbon cassettes. This document needs a clearer explanation. Step 1, align the paper guide H in front with the paper stack.

net previous year question papers with answers When printing starts, bad sample, you can load A4, if your question was not answered. Please provide your comments, good sample, always load paper in the portrait orientation. Remove the cassette cover B, a5, important. Or Lettersized plain paper in the cassette. A5, b5, slide the paper guide I on the right to align with the paper stack. Select the size and type of the loaded paper in the cassette at Page size. The operation panel is opened icse 2018 chemistry question paper solved and the paper output tray is pulled out automatically. B5, make sure that there is no slack in the tape cassette.

If the print position is shifted, adjust it by clicking Device settings - Print Position Adjustment of the Printer Setting Tool.Make sure that the end of the tape (or fabric ribbon) extends from the tape cassette (or fabric ribbon cassette).

Press down on the covers until they click into place.

You can load paper up to this size in the lower paper cassette: Legal (8.5 14 i nches 216.
Note: Do not remove or insert the paper cassette during printing.
The tape cassette is used in the procedures and illustrations.

If there is slack in the backing paper, turn the reel in the direction of the arrow to remove any slack.
Press down on the covers until they click into place.
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