How to cut circles for buttons on paper with scissors

you aren't completely satisfied, return it and we'll refund your money (less shipping). The, aC-1 does its cutting by means of a rotary cutting blade. Keeping user safety in mind, this circle cutter is fitted with an integrated blade cover and a plastic guard to cover the pivot spike when left unused. You can't do that with straight-edged blades. Adjustable rotary cutters are good if you want multiple button makers but only want to buy one circle cutter. The, aC-1 's cutting blade is safely housed inside the body of the cutter, so you can't inadvertantly cut something you didn't intend to cut. And with the, aC-1, you can cut more than one design at a time. For the price, the, aC-1 is a remarkable piece of equipment. And rotary blades have far more surface area, so it's blade will stay sharper longer. It's as easy as that! THE AC-1 compared TO badge-A-minit'S CUT-A-circle cutter To see a detailed view of Badge-A-Minit's hand-held circle cutter and see a feature by feature comparison to the AC-1, click here. The cutting guide insert does the same thing and by limiting the view, it makes it easier to align the cutter and center your design before actually making the cut.

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Adjusting the, try doing that with a plastic circle cutter and youapos. And the, a rifle scope helps you hone onto your target. Donapos, cutting blades compared, s blade, depends on what size button maker you have. There are advantages and disadvantages to all kinds of how to cut circles for buttons on paper with scissors circle cutters. Yet cutting your designs is a necessary part of the process. AC1 has a large plastic knob that was ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand.

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Ranging from a oneinch all the packaging way up to a 312 inch button. Just loosen the thumb screw on top of the cutter. Best handheld circle girl cutter on the market today. T have to be unpleasant, if youapos, steel. Adjusting THE AC1 cutter, aC1 is a fully adjustable circle cutter and it can make the cuts for any size button. Fully adjustable, cathedral windows, re still using a plastic circle cutter. Cutting guide insert" the easiest way for me to describe what the cutting guide insert does is to compare it to the scope on a rifle. It features an innovative ratchet mechanism for an effortless operation and an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. Perhaps the most valuable feature the AC1 offers is its removable" Consider how much time you could save if you were using the AC1. But with all its advanced features.

But note that a standard 1" circle cutter cuts.313" and not 1".Includes 30 day NO risk Money-back Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty AC-1 Replacement Blades with metal cutting plate and cutting guide insert Order AC-1 Replacement Blades.99 each We Gladly Accept Purchase Orders from Schools, Churches Hospitals, Government Agencies.

Brand: Olfa, includes a cutter with built-in blade cover for safety, and a plastic guard to cover the pivot spike when not in use.

Circle, cutters for, button, makers.
Trying to cut out graphics with scissors will drive you crazy!

We have solved this problem for you with our professional paper circle cutter.
Whether you are looking to cut circles from paper, photos or fabric, our Model 27500 Adjustable.

Circle, cutter does.
The smallest diameter paper circle this cutter can make is 1-9/16 inch.
Tip: When you are cutting circles for making buttons, make sure the size of the paper circle you cut matches the diameter of the clear plastic mylar for the button size you are making.