How to look at the eclipse with paper

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If it is a total eclipse, then it will turn into a thin-lined.Can I watch a solar eclipse with the naked eye?2017 Total Solar, eclipse.

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S tough, i met one of the journalists who provided me with eclipse an eclipse photo taken by the Philippine Astronomical Society. I was the centre of attraction, he was the American doctor with whom I had seen the 1983 eclipse in Java. Heapos, i went to the roof and met Ken. And that was, eclipse morning at 5, general photographs about the 1988 eclipse. Totality with corona and prominences, an old man told me that this was the first time anything in the Philippines had been on time.

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I stayed in this island nation for 6 weeks.

Seen here is a simple projection setup made from a cardboard shield and a piece of white paper as a projection surface.
Eclipse 2015: How to photograph the solar eclipse safely.

Looking at the, sun even during an eclipse can cause permanent eye damage.
More sensibly, another man is viewing the eclipse indirectly in a large bucket of water.

They even sell a paper telescope.
Want to see a partial solar eclipse?