How to make pikachu ears out of paper

S kind of my go to for everything. The bottom edge of the black part sort of curves up into the middle. Pikachu has these adorable little brown stripes on his back. It burned so bad, there homework is only a little bit sticking out right near the bottom. I just trimmed the sides right before I cut them so that I had a nice clean edge when I glued them.

The purpose of this how - to is to learn how to create, pikachu ears in order to create one for a Halloween costume or a convention.Trace the left and right ears onto yellow foam sheets and cut out.

How to make pikachu ears out of paper: How to wrap a scarf with tissue paper

With the corners you want to cut straight into the corners. Black Paint, and pretty tall, they should be long a how to make pikachu ears out of paper skinny. We are going to cover up the foam with fabric. But just for some added reinforcement at the top. I was running out of light so some are a little dark and some are a little bright.

 They should be a little rounded, but just barely.

Trace the right and left ear tip shapes to the black foam sheets.
Cut the ribbon into 16 inch pieces, one piece for every headband.
Learn how to make the ears for a Pikachu costume by watching this tutorial.

In this guide I cover all of the materials needed and provide detailed, easy-to-follow instructions.
For this, I traced the finished yellow ears onto a piece of scrap paper and drafted up some designs on how I wanted the tips to look.
After I drew a black ear tip that I was happy with on the scrap paper, I cut it out and traced it onto the black foam and hot glue gunned them.

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Cosplay DIY Pikachu Ears and tail (Easy) Yumi King.