How to make an iron man helmet paper

Shape. So i decided to put the helmet back onto the model head so it would keep its size, then i added some more clay to the top and the chin to try and get the shape right. Now go to the "2D" menu on the top bar in pepakura and click change scale near the bottom. You can even paint it at this point, i decided to spray it with a dusting of medical exam table paper holder black heavy in the back light on the front. Start up google and search for pepakura. Step 5: Reshaping, after trying on the helmet i realised that the shape was slightly wrong and because of the light weight clay drying out the helmet was shrinking a little. Thank you for reading this and i would love to see some of the things you guys make. Step 6: Cutting, now this part is pretty simple all you have to do is cut out the pieces and be sure to batch then with the pieces they connect to (the little numbers on the tabs match with the same number). To cut the holes in the cheeks i used a ruler and cut a line from the mouth to 1cm away from the curve at the top of the cheek bone. And go to removable disk. Click the file you would like(helmet). Hope you enjoying this instructable! For the gold part i used gold enamel spray from halfords and for the red i used Jupiter red car spray paint. After letting the clay dry for a day i decided to start cutting out the eyes using just a normal craft knife and sanding it back using some course wet and dry paper to try getting the basic shape of the helmet. Then i covered the whole thing with light weight air drying clay, and then waited for it to dry out before starting to shape. Step 8: Finished Project And Ta Da your project is complete. To create the screw looking parts i simply used the end of a biro pen and as long as the helmet hasn't dried solid you should be able to push the end into it and leave a perminant dent that looks just like a screw. Fold on the little dotted lines,.-.- means valley fold or fold the piece up and, - means mountain fold or fold the piece down. Hook your computer to the printer but dont hit print yet. Some parts are to big to fit in the square and you will have to cut them. To make the round ears i drew round the bottom of a cup then used the craft knife to cut the detail in, making a smaller circle within the outer circle. Step 1: Find Pepakura! I've chosen a light blue faded pair of lenses that i got from a pair of cheap glasses from a market stall, but you can use what ever colour you want. Step 4: Scaling and Moving. Note that if you did not buy the designer and you just got the free version you will not be able to save so make sure you have it the way you want it. Step 3: Get Started on the Designing. Hold the part together until you believe they are stuck together real good. Step 7: Spraying and Finishing? Now click the folder holding the files. To get all the details into the mask i used the craft knife and cut the lines into it but not too deep and wiggled the knife to make the gaps a little wider.

How to make an iron man helmet paper

T fit and i recommend just cutting it in half. If you are how to make an iron man helmet paper happy with the way it looks then go to the settingsprint and paper settings. Now zoom in to the piece that doesnapos. I used super glue to put these in too but you could also use a glue gun on these aswell.

Paper tape labels soap sleeves How to make an iron man helmet paper

Once the red is lookin good and thick and shiny then remove the masking tape. Check that it derbycon call for papers fits ok and then place back onto your head cast to prevent shrinking. When the helmet has dried out you can slowly remove it from your head cast. All done by eye, and thatapos, but you could try drawing out a template to help guide you. Office max maybe Walmart, but use the paper dry cause it shapes it easier. Plasktikote super enamel 686 gold, the tabs always go under the other paper never over. Now just find some heavy cardstock paper staples. Ford Jupiter red metalic spray paint. Put them on the clay where you want the eyes to be and cut around them with a craft knife.

Just search your stack of papers for two parts that align cut them then glue them.This will be added to the home screen next to all of the other apps.

After hitting file click "open".

You could try using a template for the eyes draw them out on a piece of paper.
For this project, I chose to replicate the MK3.

Mine to make her a wearable, iron Man helmet without breaking the bank and.
Did you print them on a standard printer with.5 x 11 inch paper and just tape together the pieces?
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6- Cut a piece of paper and glue it on the plastic to make a box to cover the LEDs.
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