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artichoke dip (unfortunately I didnt get a close up of that, but its behind the hat in the photo above). I found most of our costume components on Amazon. Hogwarts House twirled paper snowflakes Salad, herbology Veggie Plate, snapes Stuffed Toadstools. Nicole and I were blown away by everything, to say the least. Sorting Hat pita bread.

Nicole, the appetizer table was not too shabby. While Ron shook things up by coming with Professor McGonagall aka Crystal. I enlisted the help, we whipped up a giant batch in a punch bowl with a side of delicious whipped cream. Now it was our turn to set up the food and drinks. Who I knew was not only an amazing cook but also an expert party planner. But I improvised and ended up with a version that was even darker and sweeter. Harry Potter Party writing Menu, shanley and Nicole enough for being brave enough and crazy enough to embark on this adventure. And created a sample out of my souvenir mug. Unfortunately they were out of some of those ingredients when I went to the liquor store. And at the table beyond was seated none other than a real Sorting Hat.

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But I was pretty proud of how everything turned out. That was the paper extent of my decor contribution. We set out vials paper of water with food coloring to give the effect of potion making vials from Party City. We also snagged a few mug shots for Azkaban. This gorgeous sign was created by Shanley. But I do enjoy working under pressure and was pleased with how everything ultimately turned out against the ticking clock. Im such a lucky Harry Potter fangirl to have you all in my life. It is extremely sweet and based off of one of my old favorite recipes the Stormy Night cocktail. It looked pretty close to the real deal before it went into the oven.

Shanley made a terrifying Bellatrix Lestrange, and her husband Stephen came as kilt-wearing Neville Longbottom, complete with a Mimbulus Mimbletonia that Shanley made.All that was left to do was eat, drink, chat, be merryand take a lot of pictures!

We got together for a brainstorm and the rest is Hogwarts history.

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Sep 28, 2007 I've been calling my tutorials bookbinding 101 so I really should have done this particular tutorial first.
I spend a substantial amount of time worrying about paper grain direction when I'm making my books.

Nov 07, 2013 Hi Elba!
Thanks so much for the kind feedback.
The spell book, newspaper and Ollivanders sign were all made using printables, some of which wed print out on heavier paper like parchment (spell book) or glue to the back of poster board (Ollivanders sign).

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