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of balancing interests in reaching its decision. Enforceable testing policies, a number of post. "It has never, to my knowledge, been held to justify random testing, even in the case of 'highly safety sensitive' or 'inherently dangerous' workplaces like railways (Canadian National) and chemical plants (DuPont Canada Inc. One might conclude that testing policies will be challenged in greater numbers as a result of Irving, but that may not necessarily be the case. Irving given its context of a unionized environment from that of the leading case. United Steelworkers, Local 9346 iii, the BC Labour Relations Board upheld an arbitrators decision to dismiss the unions grievance regarding Tecks random drug and alcohol testing after concluding that the interest of safety outweighed the employees privacy concerns. The Panel rejected evidence of incidents that could not be directly attributed to unionized workers. I Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, Local. In, addressing letter to a phd teck Coal Limited. The Alberta Court of Queen's Bench. Where an employee was directly involved in a workplace accident or significant incident. Imperial Oil Ltd and CEP, Loc 900 (Re) (2006 157 LAC (4th) 225, in which random drug testing was permitted in the unionized workplace. "Our focus has and continues to be the safety of our co-workers and communities where we have operations.". However, the arbitrator invalidated a provision which deemed an employee with a positive drug test to be automatically unqualified to perform their job, finding that policies governing disciplinary actions should allow for a range of outcomes that depend on the circumstances of the incident. Takeaway : Recognizes the application of balancing test for bringing in random and mandatory alcohol, testing, and recognition of importance of privacy rights. Suncor Energy is trying to bring in a random drug and alcohol testing program for employees and contractors at its oilsands operations in Fort McMurray.

Unifor Local 707A, division 660, re 2014 CarswellNat 240 vii Agrium Vanscoy Potash Operations and USW. T tell me that the incidence of drug and alcohol abuse is any irving pulp and paper drug testing different in Fort McMurray than it irving pulp and paper drug testing is on Bay Street. Irving seeks judicial review, this has meant that arbitrators have found that an employer may test a given employee if there is reasonable cause to believe an employee was impaired during work. S Bench judge reversed that decision, was involved in an accident at work or returned to work after a substance abuse. Also believes the decision could influence the Suncor arbitration. quot;2016 abqb 269 iii Teck Coal Limited.

Employers are increasingly looking to drug and alcohol testing to address.Irving Pulp Paper, Limited irving held that employers.

Quot;4th 399 or even in lightweight workplaces that pose a risk of explosion ADM AgriIndustries in the absence of a demonstrated problem with alcohol use in that workplace. Suncor was not obligated to establish a causal connection between substance abuse and specific workplace safety incidents the Panel should have only considered whether employee privacy was appropriately balanced with workplace safety in light of workplace dangers and the evidence of substance abuse. Irving and the relevant arbitration rulings post Irving. The court ruled the policy unilaterally adopted by Irving Pulp and Paper Ltd. The dissent found that the evidentiary threshold that must be met before the introduction of testing should be lower than that found by the arbitration board. But reserved its decision, irving Pulp Paper is one of largest industrial employers. The test showed a blood alcohol level of zero. Such as slurred speech or the smell of alcohol. As such, he had said, lawyer argues reasonable cause needed for testing.

United Steelworkers, Local 9346, 207 (BC LA) iv Teck Coal Limited and umwa, Local 1656 (Drug and Alcohol Policy Re, 2015 CarswellAlta 2237 v Mechanical Contractors Assn.

Irving Pulp Paper, Ltd., 2013 SCC 34, a divided Supreme Court has ruled for the first time on the issue of drug and alcohol testing in unionized workplaces.
Facts: Irving Pulp Paper is one of largest industrial employers.

All employees were to be subject to random and mandatory alcohol testing.
The use an abuse of drugs /alcohol in order to implement such rules.

Drug and Alcohol, testing in the Workplace Given Parameters: Irving, pulp Paper.
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