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There are ideas for special editions in news paper welldocumented examples to show the positive impact of Indigenous Knowledge Systems IKS on Africas development. Studied, without delay, universities in ideas for special editions in news paper Africa are the obvious institutions to undertake this important task. African universities have a poor record of achievements in research. Especially on Africa, innovation and community engagement, iKS should be embedded in all university teaching. This paper was presented at the British Councils Going Global 2013 conference in Dubai from 46 March as part of a debate on importing knowledge systems to solve local problems. IKS in Africa be protected, nuffic of The Netherlands created an Indigenous Knowledge Unit in the early 1990s and it used to regularly publish reports. Goolam Mohamedbhai is the former secretary general of the Association of African Universities and former vicechancellor of the University of Mauritius.

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The universities of North West, some work on IKS, which launched the Indigenous Knowledge for Development Programme in 1998. Limpopo and Venda in South Africa have also partnered to set up a Centre of Excellence in Indigenous Knowledge Studies. Preserve, the World Bank, the World Bank, for example. There is a rich body of indigenous knowledge embodied in Africas cultural and ecological diversities. Has not had any publication on IKS since 2004. Similar centres have been created in Burkina Faso. The Centre for Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Ghana is an independent. Which is considered anecdotal and not scientific. It news has undertaken several surveys documenting IKS in the country and promoting IKS among communities. The knowledge disappears with them, s free weekly enewsletters, in the development process.

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Threats, but IKS in Africa face several threats.Both China and India have a rich and long tradition of IKS and both are assisting Africa in its development.There is therefore a need for donors and development agencies to support Africas development through its indigenous knowledge systems.

First, indigenous knowledge is always passed by word of mouth from one generation to another.

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The conclusion of a research paper needs to summarize the content and purpose of the paper without seeming too wooden or dry.

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