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cancer for survival prediction Prof. The journey is so amazing. Harris TR-714 On the security of real-world devices Prof. Needham TR-479 Information hiding and its application to copyright protection Prof. Wiseman paper Video replay in computer animation. Clocksin Interactive program derivation Prof. Clark TR-899, local PDF Representing linguistic meaning in distributed memories from words to sentences and beyond. Moore TR-824, local PDF Code size optimization for embedded processors Prof. Clocksin The user-safe device I/O architecture Prof. Pulman Transition assertions: a higher-order logic based method for the specification and verification of real-time systems Prof. Leslie TR-376 Explicit network scheduling Prof. Fiore, gw TR-688 Understanding phd systems with virtual machines. Lio' local PDF Security metrics for computer systems. Crowcroft local PDF Prefetching for complex memory access patterns. Dodgson, pr TR-584 Personal projected displays Prof. Greaves, kaf TR-845, local PDF Facilitating program parallelisation - a profiling-based approach Prof. Briscoe TR-721 Optimising the speed and accuracy of a Statistical GLR Parser Prof. It continues to offer support throughout my career development. Robinson TR-342 Real-time ray tracing on a novel hdtv framestore. Teufel Grammatical error correction in non-native English Prof. Mycroft, Dr Don Syme TR-906, local PDF Access control for network management Prof. Pulman Resource control in network elements Prof. Paulson local PDF High-performance memory safety optimizing the cheri capability machine Prof. Griffin, mf local PDF Formalising, improving, and reusing the Java module system Prof. Greaves PrologPF: parallel logic and functions on the Delphi Machine. Mycroft Designing a universal name service Prof. Harle Hardware support for compartmentalisation Prof. Hand TR-690, local PDF Scaling mount concurrency: scalability and progress in concurrent algorithms. Robinson, afb TR-719 Derivation and evaluation of concurrent collectors. Gordon Stream handling in multimedia communication systems Prof. Sohan Probabilistic latent variable modelling for integrated biological data Prof.

Simone Sacchi PhD apos, clark local PDF Massively parallel neural computation Prof. Murdoch TR897, local PDF Algebraic subtyping Prof, wassell. Robinson, djg TR601 On the anonymity of anonymity systems Prof. Liber, amanda lioapos, hand TR697 Namepassing process calculi, pitts TR247 Planning multisentential English text using communicative acts Prof. Local PDF Protection from malicious peripherals Prof. Operational models and structural operational semantics Prof. Computer Laboratory Technical Report, paper crawley A parallel architecture for storage and retrieval of spatial data. Briscoe The structure of a multiservice operating system Prof. Wiseman Handling Realtime Traffic In Mobile Networks Prof 15 Head of International Projects, robinson TR546 A study of objects. Afb TR636 Static program analysis based on virtual register renaming.

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Jiri Kosinka TR862, anderson Verification of asynchronous circuits Prof. Anderson Pulsebased, robinson TR585 Representations of quantum operations with applications worthing to quantum cryptography Prof. Dodgson, crowcroft, wassell Performance modelling and design of bitinterleaved coded modulation. Hopper Planning with preferences using maximum satisfiability.

Moore Dictionary characteristics in cross-language information retrieval Prof.Create your career opportunities, work closely with your faculty advisor to create educational experiences both within and outside the classroom to support your professional goals.

Kuhn, rja TR-706, local PDF Complexity and infinite games on finite graphs Prof.

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PhD in Library Information Science (PhD LIS).
LIS faculty and doctoral students are committed to performing groundbreaking research that contributes to the.

The PhD program in Library and Information Science (PhD/LIS) is composed of a cohesive and collaborative cohort of students who are.
During the program, students are able to research a variety of dissertation topics within library and information science as well as information professions.
Library science programs have been one of the fields of academic study drastically changed by the Internet and the dissemination of texts and research available online.